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Great news, i put in an order for a new weight scale. All the lovelies in the healthy eating community recommended this salter scale and I've just went and ordered one. feeling proud of myself and excited too. I can't wait for the accurate reading to show up, finally a weight scale that i don't have to worry about. my main worry is i hope i put it on the right kind of hard floor, such as my bedroom even with the carpet or bathroom floor.

when i last weighted myself , it was showing between 90-95kg, i hope this time i get a reading that is accurate because the weight scale i used before was giving the wrong reading. i hope this time it works out for the best otherwise i can't believe I'm saying this because I'm the type to worry but it is what it is then. :)

hope you lovelies have had a fab monday and tomorrow will be the same for you guys too

all the best


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Excellent . I have same scales and they seem accurate

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i put mine on in the living room carpet and weighed myself. the scale ca,e with feet that i can put on the carpet also but people have been telling me that it doesn't work on the carpet so I'm confused


Hi, I have Salter scales and they are accurate but not if you put them on carpet, they need to be on a hard level surface. Good luck with the reading!


my salter scale came with 2 kinds of feet, carpet and hard floor. so i put my salter scale in the living room and then weighed myself.


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