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Am I losing too much weight?😕


Last week i decided to go on a diet. I am 5,5 and when I started I was 130 pounds. That is seen as a healthy weight but I still looked a bit chubby around my thighs and bum. So I started cutting down on junkfood and snacking. I eat three meals a day and I never feel hungry. I stepped on the scales today (it's been a week since I started the diet) and I now weigh 116! That's almost a stone! I don't think I should be losing that much. I feel constantly dizzy and tired and just it because I'm losing weight too fast?

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That doesn't sound right at all! What are you eating and drinking each day. Are you exercising too? If you are feeling dizzy and tired then I would make an appointment with your GP and get checked out and some advice on your diet in general.

Cutting out junk food and snacking shouldn't leave you feeling dizzy and tired. Are you sure you are eating enough? Are you drinking enough water?

A check up with your GP may be a good idea if this carries on.

Lunamarie_13 in reply to Penel

I think I am eating enough and I drink a lot of water too, so I'm not too sure what's going on 😕thank you for your advice and I will definitely be going to my GP if this continues

IndigoBlue61Administrator in reply to Lunamarie_13

Tiredness and dizziness can caused by many things, definitely see you GP 😊

elliebathMaintainer in reply to Lunamarie_13

You've had good advice above. You dont say how old you are or how tall, or how active , but I'd guess "eating enough" should definitely not be less than 1400 calories so if it is less than that you're probably missing out on vital minerals/vitamins.

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