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New Clothes! And fieldwork complete!

New Clothes! And fieldwork complete!

Hi All

So after a long 13 hours at sea on Saturday (eating very little due to some sea sickness) my masters fieldwork is finally complete! So yesterday I decided to walk around the mall a bit and found a nice pair of pants and found that I can now fit into a size 34 (10) again!! I haven't worn that size for about 5 years!! Was truly a good weekend!

Clearly the calorie counting is working! I am actually look forward to getting home and joining the weekly weigh ins to see how much have lost since I left!

Big thanks for the recipe advise, I am going grocery shopping today so will try and include some of those ideas for meals

Have a great week everyone

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Lovely picture DiveMonkey well done on finishing your masters fieldwork and for getting into a size 10. Fab weekend for you, even with the bit of seasickness 😃

Mouse 🐭


Woohoo, fitting into a smaller size is so lovely. Your calorie counting is clearly paying of.


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