Hello..:-) So, because I am going on a daytrip tomorrow, quite early, I weighed myself this morning, and I don't think I have lost anything yet! It is hard to tell as I get a different reading everytime I move the scales.

However, in terms of what I am actually eating I feel from that alone I am benefitting. No cake, no casual whole pack of jaffa cakes, no takeaway pizza. I am weighing certain things, basically anything fatty like cheese and using a measuring spoon for oil if I cook with it. Also eating more fruit, apples, grapes and bananas, being cautious with things like mango, although they contain lot's of great nutrients they are very sweet.

Today my daughter and I went for great swim, then after lunch I went for a walk with a friend too. So, onwards...!


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6 Replies

  • Enjoy your day trip tomorrow! It's a good idea to put the scales in a permanent place, on a hard level floor and not move them around, that way you get a consistent reading.

  • Thanks Caz. I have to keep them in cupboard as my bathroom is tiny. I will choose a spot and stick to it! Swimming pool today had some scales, I might start using them!

  • It's all sounding very positive Ruby :)

    Keep up the great work and have a smashing day tomorrow :)

  • Well done Ruby8 😀 it sounds like your really thinking about your food now and most importantly enjoying it 👍 hope you have a lovely day tomorrow 🌞 onwards and downwards!! Xx

  • Thanks Claire, you just hit the nail on the head actually. I am THINKING about what I eat, rather than lazily choosing. And I find I am enjoying a lot of foods much more.

  • It's a fantastic feeling when it 'clicks' 😀 your mindful eating with your swimming will soon reap rewards on your scales ... if you can get them in the same place every time. I'm like you have to put scales away due to space and naughty boys 👬 but i have marked the floor to get it exact every week. Good luck x

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