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Day 6 nearly end of 1st week

Hi All hope your all having a good day have been out on family outing to a theme park (went prepared with ham salad sandwich fresh fruit salad fat free yogurt 2 low calorie snacks ) so I turned down ice cream freshly made donuts and promised kids macdonalds to end our lovely day. So determined I am to succeed I know I have a long road a head but this week I have eaten so well I thought why have i eaten all that rubbish before ....but this is now so no point thinking why I feel good so thought I would share with you weigh in tomorrow what ever it is I know I've been eating healthy keep all your good work and remember a strong mind is a positive one which will help succeed in the long run x

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Well done avoiding the tasty temptations on a day out. It isn't easy, I know this first hand. If you are interested you can buy a garden salad with balsamic vinegar dressing in McDonalds. This is what I have because real family life means that you do have to darken the doors of the golden arches!!! A happy meal with fish fingers, carrot batons and a mineral water is very low too ( and you get a toy!!!). Good luck and keep going. Xx


Yes your wright should have thought and now I've missed out on the toy!!lol

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What a lovely positive post Lizzy :)

I'm delighted that the week has gone so well for you. A drop on the scales will just be icing on the cake! :)

Keep up the great work :)


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