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Hi All!

Haven't posted for a while since my weight seemed to have plateaued at 13st 10lbs for a while after losing nearly 7lbs in 4 weeks. But I just stuck with my routine, no bread, daily calorie allowance of 1400, and brisk walking about 20-23 miles per week; thankfully I now appear to be losing some weight again as I'm now down to 13st 7lbs and I'm very pleased!! I think someone mentioned the fact that weight-loss does tend to enter these 'phases' where things appear 'stuck' but I now know that simple perseverance is the answer - no need to do anything more drastic.

As an approaching-69-year old, I think my target weight should be around 13st for my height and build as I seem to recall reading that, from a medical perspective, as we age it's generally useful to have a 'little extra' weight -a few pounds anyway!

Resting BP reading average is 105/65, pulse is around 60 and my BP meds are down to less than 1/4 of what I was initially prescribed!!


All the best for now,



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7 Replies

  • That's great, and yes, perseverance is key! Pleased your health is improving as a consequence of your hard work!

  • Well done Dambo

    inspirational -it's good to know to just stick with it when you reach a stick an ng point not to give in .

  • Those are great stats Dambo, but I'm concerned that you're only eating 1400 calories/day. If you think your correct weight should be about 13st, then you must be around 6ft, which, even with no exercise at all, gives you a calorie allowance of 1676 - 2155, approximately.

    If you are unsure, then please check, by entering your details into the BMI calculator :)


    Here's a link to a thread which highlights how important it is to eat enough :)


    All the best :)

  • Will do - and thanks for the 'heads-up'!!

  • My pleasure Dambo :)

  • That is great news that the lbs are going... (just imagine the weight of a carrier bag containing 3 cans of baked beans), and consequently your health and blood pressure are improving. There is nothing like taking control of ones own health is there!

  • Spot on, DartmoorDumpling!!!

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