Gluten free for September

After seeing eat well for less this weekend where the father of the family has to eat gluten free. They done some very nice looking recipes and evertime I eat bread my guts are attacking. I know some people have to eat gluten_ free and would be saying you prat why when you don't have to . I have a nephew who has to who will be staying with us as he in university. So hope it will help him out Gareth


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9 Replies

  • Be prepared for some serious research if you are going completely gluten free, gluten is included in so many foods. I can understand cutting out bread, I eat very little bread as I find it slows down weight loss but I really think going gluten free if you don't have to is a step too far.

  • Morning Gareth,

    Tesco/Sainsbury's free from and Schar products are about the best. Biscuits, crackers, crispbread. Stay away from bread it is like cardboard unless you are lucky enough to live near Warrington Bent's garden centre in the bakery section sell Findlater's bread and bread buns that taste like real bread. Darwen Deli Carlo sell pasta that does not disintegrate when cooked. Findlaters is based in West Lothian and if like me you ring them they will tell you if they supply their products near you ( they also do pate/dips gluten free). Waitrose do lovelife crispbread, sell couscous and do alot of frozen stuff including Schar.

    Porriage oats depends on how bad gluten reaction is to whether you can eat normal porridge oats mornflakes are good I have that with fruit for breakfast.

    Just becareful some products say gluten free and cost alot but are gluten free anyway.

    Hope that helps.

    Good luck


  • Wendy, he does not have a gluten intolerance , just decided to go gluten free. Fine if you can afford it i guess but totally unnecessary and pretty pointless

  • Be wary of going totally gluten free if you are not already intollerant, there have been reports of people becoming gluten intollerant and having real problems re-introducing cereals to their diet after cutting it out totally for a while.

  • If you cut out wheat and then have problems when you re-introduce it, then you shouldn't be eating it! Cutting it out isn't going to make you intolerant.

  • If you are going to go gluten free, for goodness sake don't eat the ready-made stuff from supermarkets, most of it is loaded with sugar and unhealthy additives. Stick to ordinary veg, fruit, protein etc.

    If you find that bread is upsetting you, try an alternative to wheat bread like rye. Try not having a lot of wheat in your diet generally, there are a lot of alternatives nowadays. If you think gluten really is a problem for you, talk to your doctor about it. If you have coeliac disease you need to know, as it can affect your health in many ways.

  • Gluten is in a lot of things other than wheat

  • Yep. But a lot of people have problems with wheat rather than gluten, so going wheat free can be a good place to start.

  • Hi Gareth I cut out wheat (as opposed to gluten) following doctors advice. This was during my weight loss process. I stuck to meals based around rice e.g. Asian style cooking. Brown rice is good as it's very filling. I also had whole sweet potatoes baked in the oven, polenta, quinoa, and used oats instead of wheat in recipes where I needed something floury like fishcakes etc. I've now reintroduced wheat and my stomach feels better. But I still avoid wheat a lot of the time. So I suggest trying avoiding wheat rather than everything containing gluten. It's also worth speaking to your doc too. As I've now found out my problem relates more to dairy than to wheat...

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