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C25k starting in two weeks have a look give it a go you will surprise yourself !!!!

Hope you having a great Summer!!!! Anyone want to star c25k in two weeks!!!! If you have a look on the nhs c25k page it has everything there it will take us 9 weeks to do 30 minutes 3 times a week. Week one you will be walking and have one minute light runs here and there. I done this plane early in the year and quiet and few people started. So any one who started last time and didn't make to the end come on give it another go. Also would love to here from and know how the ones who did finished are getting on Gareth

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Welcome back Gareth, are you married now?? :o

I've been keeping a running challenge thread ticking over for you, did you want to take it back on, in a fortnight's time? Here's the link, so you can have a look and I'm just about to post a new one. I'll pop back with the link for it, when it's written :)



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