Any tips on avoiding loose skin

Does anybody have any tips that I could put into action as I start my journey to avoid loose skin? I started off 16st 1lb (223lbs) and am now down to 208lbs so want to do anything I can to avoid too much loose skin.

I weigh myself in lbs as I think it gives me more motivation as every 10lbs you drop another level and sometimes it can take some time to loose 14lbs so I could be 14 something for a long time and may get discouraged.


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6 Replies

  • It depends on your age; the skin loses it's elasticity as it gets older. Whilst still young, people can lose weight and tone up muscles and the skin will regain most of its former svelte shape - look at Victoria Beckam who looks great after 3 pregnancies!

    However, the older you are, and the more weight you have to lose, it is likely you will have some reminders of your former curves. It is best not to lose the weight too quickly (aim for 1 or 2 lbs a week) and to work the muscles by walking, swimming, cycling etc to firm up the arms and legs and body core.

    Well done on your progress so far - and remember, it is not just about appearance, it is more about having a fit and healthy body that will carry you into your senior years without illness and pain. You are going to look beautiful with such a happy smile when you reach your target weight, so don't worry!

  • I try to moisturise daily 😊 I've heard it helps 😊

  • Snap Anna! :D

  • I don't have much to add to DartmoorDumpling's great response, but it's thought that keeping well hydrated and using moisturising lotion may help too. I have to say though, that's once a balloon's been inflated fully, it never goes back to it's original size and shape ;)

    Much as I'd like to be firm and toned, I'd rather have my saggy bits, than pounds of unwanted fat! :)

  • Moldoodles well done for losing 15 pounds that's a good amount of weight gone already. Let's hope you lose the rest of weight at the pace outlined by DartmoorDumpling and that through exercise the skin behaves itself and shrinks. As a precaution I think I'd give particular attention to arm exercises - you can cover a multitude of sins with a really good pair of support tights and a well fitted bra ;)

  • Keep hydrated, moisturise, eat healthy fats, lose weight slowly.

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