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What are you looking forward to

Thought I would just list a few of the things I am looking forward to when I get to a healthy weight.

Coming out of a shop because I dont like what they have, not because nothing will fit me.

Being able to tie my shoelaces by bending down and not having to bring them up to my knee to do so.

Being able to cut my toenails without having to be a contortionist to get them cut or paying for a pedicure when they get so bad.

Not having to make sure that tops are long enough to cover my hanging belly.

Hopefully being able to sit on plastic chairs without having a sweaty bum and looking like I peed myself.

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OMG if that list is not enough to motivate you to lose weight and get fit then I don't know what would! Thanks for posting I'll think of that list if I'm ever tempted to buy a kilo of haribos to scoff :)


Hi I am looking forward to

Not getting a sweat rash under the boobs in hot weather when they actually do shrink! Lol.

Going swimming without feeling everyone is looking at me.

Wearing lovely underwear.

Going to my son's wedding ( August 2018 ) so I have lots of time to get slimmer so I won't look awful ( next to the brides mum ) on the photos.

Probably the list goes on but these are my main ones.

Good Post ⭐️👍😊 Bev


Looking in the mirror at my yoga class is not so painful now... Still a way to go but looking better than I used to that's for sure!


Hi Moldoodles :D Fantastic post. :)

I will enjoy fitting on those public seats properly. I'll enjoy how much easier it will be to buy nice clothes. I'll enjoy feeling healthier and moving easier. But MOST of all I'll love that I did this for me and that it was in love and kindness and will be so proud of myself! All I want is to be healthy and fit and feel good about myself. :)

Sazkia x ♥


This is quite a specific answer as to what I am looking forward to. At a playground near where we live is a climbing frame scramble net affair that my husband has had to rescue our seven year old from on more than one occasion. I want to be the emergency services!! Xx


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