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Drowning in guilt

I was full of good intentions, meeting and exceeding 10K steps per day. Eating healthy meals, swapped ice cream to fruit and yoghurt, etc. Now i hardly make 2K. When i come home from work it's a race to the kettle an cupboard, dont take milk or sugar, so in my world that is at least same as 2 biscuits maybe 3. Then the couch for a wee 'half hour'. Then i make a healthy dinner. Then it's danger zone... 7 _ 8. Help

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Off setting one food in favour of the calories in another is dangerous territory as you easily lose track of where you are up to. Plan your meals and plan the witching hour which is the early evening nibble zone for many of us. Even just coming onto this forum serves as a great distraction for many. Good luck. Xx


Don't drown in guilt Maggie, that will just make the situation worse, instead, try to think of ways that you can break this cycle. Firstly, you could stop buying biscuits, if they're not there, you can't eat them. Can you walk to work, or cycle? If not, can you catch the train/bus at a later/earlier stop, that means you have to walk to make up the differences? Maybe you could park the car further away, or get a lift that doesn't take you doorstep to doorstep? This would mean that exercise was done before you get home and wouldn't allow you the time to sit down, before starting on dinner.

Use the stairs whenever possible, go for a walk in your lunch break, get up from your work station and walk/stand as often as possible.

Between 7 and 8, go for a bath, do an exercise class, do an exercise DVD, paint your nails, do some knitting/sewing/craftwork, phone a friend, write a letter, log onto the site and chat to others that are avoiding the biscuit barrel. Do anything that stops you from nibbling :)

I hope this gives you some ideas and helps you out :)


Thanks for replying... I know it seems easy to adjust I'm not in right frame of mind. I don't know what will boost me. Hopefully I will eventually see the light. In meantime I'll keep checking in now and then.

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Being in the right head space is key to success, so I hope you find yours soon :)

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