It's been a busy few days and it seems a lot has happened!

Hi All,

I've not been on much in the past few days, I've been so busy! However, busy for the better; I got a job! I have to complete some training and refs and DBS has to come through clear before I start. Until then I've got five days (9 till 5) of training and then I will be shadowing for a while, so I probably won't be on much for the next week or so (although I get the weekend and Bank holiday off so that'll be nice).

I am concerned what this will mean for my healthy eating and fitness activities, so any advice would be welcome. I'm packing a healthy lunch, munching on some fruit for breakfast and I'll just have to resist temptation but I won't lie, it was easier when I was at home and I had more control over my food. I'll try to be positive!

I hope everyone is doing well and you're all getting fitter!

Sazkia x

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  • Congratulations Sazkia. Can't do emoj's as I'm on my phone. But well done you must be over the moon and back, hope it all goes well for you. I don't have packed lunches I'm afraid but I'm sure someone will be along to help soon. Xx

  • Thank you Bobbivee :D

  • I find that the routine of work and being busy means that I don't snack. Just beware of any staff room treats!! Congratulations on your new job Sazkia and enjoy your training. Xx

  • Thank you slimpickings :D

  • Congratulations on your new job Sazkia, that's terrific news! :)

    I know that with your wonderfully determined and positive nature, coping with the changes in your routine will be straightforward for you :)

    All the best to you :)

  • Thank you very much, you're kind to me. :)

    Sazkia x β™₯

  • Well done Sazkia

    You must be thrilled with your new position. I am very happy for you.πŸ‘

    What are we going to do without your immediate supportive posts. 😒keeping us all motivated. (Purely selfish I know)

    Positive - You will be fine. Your steps will be increased I imagine and you will be using a range of movement's that you don't use at home.

    You will sort out your lunches you know what you should be doing you can have the same temptations re food at home or work. We all understand healthy eating is a life choice.

    And most of all "Remember to keep posting" πŸ˜€πŸ‘

  • Aw, I will keep posting but probably not as often. :) I love this place and it's kept me on the straight and narrow so no way am I giving this place up! ;)

    Thank you for the support and encouragement. xxx

    Sazkia x β™₯

  • Huge congratulations to you and I do hope you enjoy your new role.

    I guess it depends on the type of job you will be doing as the more physical the less of a big lunch you will want.

    I am afraid I was quite boring when I used to take lunch in as it was either tuna/corned beef or egg salad, fruit salad and I used to get laughed at as I often made myself porridge at lunch times.

    Hope some of your good luck wears off as I have to now find myself a job and haven't had an interview in many years.

    Best Wishes enjoy and report back on your first day, hope it's everything you want it to be. πŸ‘πŸ˜Šβ­οΈ Bev

  • Thank you. My first day of training went very well. :D

    Good luck getting a job, I really hope you find something you would like to do. :)

    Sazkia x

  • Congratulations on the new job,:) I myself find it easier to watch my eating while I'm keeping busy at work , I find being at home as I am now for the summer holidays the hardest however you seem to have thought it all through as far as taking a packed lunch and having a healthy breakfast and you can always take a healthy snack with you I'm sure your do just fine good luck and let us know how it all goes :)

  • Thank you. :)

  • Congratulations, Sazkia! That's fantastic news! :)

    I'm a big fan of leftovers for lunch. I usually make an extra portion when I'm cooking dinner and pack it up in tupperware when I serve the meal. Then I just have to grab the box out of the fridge with some fruit in the morning on my way out the door. This does tend to require having access to a microwave though for heating stuff up.

    Getting my new job (I can't believe I've been here a year now!) actually worked out better for me on the activity front as I now have access to a nearby leisure center I can get to on my lunch breaks. We also border Horsham Park if ever I feel like just getting out for a walk. I would suggest you have a look what facilities you have near your new place of employment and how you can benefit from being nearby!

    Once again, congratulations! :D

  • Thank you, VickyDLM! :D

  • Congratulations Sazkia and I would second Vicky DLMs comments about looking at the facilities near your new job - even if it is only an open space where you can go for a power walk. It can be tempting after a tiring day at work to 'skip' the exercise just for a day, and then find it has stretched to a week!

    Take healthy packed lunches and be resolute against vending machines with crisps, and watch out for traditions where people bring buns in on their birthday!

    Remember all your hard work to date. :)

  • Thank you and I shall try! ;)

  • Congratulations, how exciting! It is different fitting in healthy food when you are at work compared to at home, but where there's a will there's a way and I am sure you will work it out. I will be facing these issues too when I return to work next week. I've been on leave and so I've had lot's of time to think about and prepare the 'right' foods!

  • Thank you! :) I am glad you know where I am coming from with this but you're right, I shall find a way! ;)

    Sazkia x β™₯

  • Yippe πŸ˜ŠπŸŽ‰πŸ˜Š well done! How exciting. I'm sure you will be fine, being busy and occupied the time will fly past 😊

    My only tip is take enough to eat, even if you bring some back with you πŸ˜• Getting over hungry can lead to collapsing control on the way home πŸ˜•

    Good luck!

  • Hi Anna61 :) How are you? :)

    Thank you for the encouragement and advice, I shall heed it. :D I think I did well today, I took food but all of which was healthy and low cal/sugar/salt/fat etc. :D

    Sazkia x β™₯

    PS., I hope you're taking good care of yourself! :)

  • Thank you, I am being very cautious and letting my family take care of me 😊

  • Good, I am happy. :)

  • Sazkia, that is wonderful! Congratulations on your job.

    I know it is going to be a bit of a transition, but it is definitely possible to lose weight and be active even when you are working a full time job.

    I have a busy job - usually work around 45 hours a week - and two kids to take care of (and two cats, as you know). But I give my running priority and plan meals ahead.

    I am sure you can do it! You have already cracked the code to your weight-loss - you know what it takes.

  • Thanks, Iben! ;)

    I'll be trying very hard not to give in and I am hoping I'll be so busy that I won't have time to think of, let alone eat, extra food. :)

    I had a chat with my house-mate yesterday and I have a good idea how I can fit in gym time and swimming in, due to the location of my work place it shouldn't be too difficult as long as I make sure to actually make use of this. I worry I will become lasy and just go home straight away! I shall try not to as things are going very well at the moment, in most areas but definitely regarding my weight loss. Clothes are definitely getting looser and someone I know made a comment that I look really well and that have I lost weight? I was ecstatic!! :)

    You sound very busy but seem to manage really well so I know if I work at this I can to it too. :D

    Sazkia x β™₯

  • I suggest that on a day off you make a plan - both for your meals and your training. You can do this!

  • Congratulations!! Just take all your food with you and take advantage of the reason to get some extra exercise in your day. Don't accept any office cakes, donuts or whatever. Ever! If you would feel uncomfortable saying no, just declare an allergy to something in baked goods. Then you won't ever be able to have one or they'll know you were fibbing :)

  • hahaha that's a very good idea! :P You're naughty but I like that haha!

    Thank you very much! ;)

    Sazkia x β™₯

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