To snack or not to snack?

I currently eat 1800 - 2000 calories a day but am not losing much weight so I'm going to try a lower intake for a while and see what happens. Equally, I don't want to just get hungry all the time. I'm not sure whether to eat three bigger meals or to have smaller meals with snacks in between. What do any of you do?

In theory, snacks would be great. They speed up your metabolism but in reality I'm worried I might actually be eating more overall as I struggle to stop eating once I've started!

Do you stick to a general routine such as cereal for breakfast, sandwich for lunch or do you eat different things each day?

To anyone who is eating around 1500 calories a day, could you give me examples of what you eat in a day so as to stick within this limit?


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7 Replies

  • Hi, have you checked your recommended amount of calories on the BMI checker?

    I have an average of 1450 a day and lose an average of 1lb per week, I have porridge, made with half oats, half low sugar muesli, with blueberries for breakfast, lunch is very varied, wholemeal wrap with either chicken, maasdam, egg and salad, or banana and Skyr yoghurt or soup, or beans on toast, or melba toast cream cheese and grapes. Evening meal is also very varied, usually a protein with lots of veg and some carbs, combinations are endless. If I'm peckish inbetween, which isn't often, I'll have some veg sticks and low fat humous or a two finger kit kat or slice of melon .

    Hope this helps, good luck!

  • I've checked the BMI checker which is where i got the 1800 - 2000 calorie range. I thought I'd give it a go and see but due to a metabolic disorder I have a lower than usual BMR so I guess I will just have to take the plunge and try a lower range :(

  • sometimes it's trial and error to see what works for you

  • Hi Natz

    I am on 1200 calories a day. Often have 200-300 left at the end of a day.

    I have alcohol daily and most days a sweet treat or an ice cream.

    Once a week I have a few oven chips. Everything in moderation. ☺

  • It's better to drop calories gradually for example 1800 for 2 weeks, then 1700 for 2 weeks, then 1600. It doesn't matter how many meals and snacks you eat, calories at the end of the day matter. Find an eating/meal schedule that suits your timetable, way of life and prevents strong hunger. If you experience hunger, keep a diary and make notes about how strong the hunger was. When you see in your diary what, how much and at what times you ate and at what times you were hungry and how hungry, you start to understand things and possibly make some changes.

  • Like Caz28 I have around 1400 calories a day. For quite a while I only had 1200/day on rest days and 1500 on running days, and on that regime, I lost weight very quickly but also felt hungry a lot.

    I did it because I needed a kickstart and to see results, but I am getting close to my ideal weight now - just 5 kg to go - and I have adjusted my calorie intake and deliberately slowed down my weight loss. I think it is going to be more sustainable that way.

  • I have 1200 a day and lose between 1 and 2 lb a week hope this helps for a snack I eat whole grain popcorn x

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