Going just got tough

Having a major pcos flare up. Skin covered in spots, joints ache, stomach bloated. I knew what to expect. 2lbs on. Only Thursday and the scales have declared war. I've stuck to my cals and even done extra exercise but it won't matter until my hormones balance out. Arrrrrg! So the plan is pleanty of water and plenty of protein and fruit and veg. Fingers crossed it's died down by Monday 😭


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8 Replies

  • That must definitely be a pain! At least you know it's not a real weight gain so much as it's probably just water retention. Annoying to see on the scales, but will hopefully even itself out once this flare up has passed. Sounds like you're doing all the right things so I'm sure you'll get there in the end.

    Good luck! :)

  • Have you tried that before? Only, excess protein is easily turned to glucose which will also raise your IGF-1 levels, and the fructose from fruit can contribute to fatty liver, visceral fat and hence insulin resistance.

    Plenty of non-starchy vegetables yes, and some natural fat will allow your hormones to normalise.

  • Yeah I find it helps. I don't go ott I just find my body does better with protein then carbs. I do an active job and find that I ache less if I get my protein target. I tend to stick to low gi too.

  • Poor you Crimson! :(

    Grit your teeth and battle on, because you will come through the other side :)

    Fingers crossed for monday :)

  • Sounds incredibly painful.... Hope u feel better soon

  • Oh bless you Crimson

    Push through it you can do it. 😥 it's only temporary ☺

  • Thanks guys x x x

  • keep battling on i know you can do it's just a bump in the road you will get there i am behind you every step of the way if you need help contact me as for me i am still struggling because my diet is so different to everyone else i can't have protien in my diet cause i am restricted and limited to what i can eat i don't know what to do it is really hard because the i do have is high in fat which it is sicentificly made so i have to be extremely hard to stick to a diet so i do struggle but i will carry on and fight the weight i will get there so good luck with your diet.

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