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Diabetic sugar levels to low

Diabetic trying to watch carbs been doing from April ac1 very high so start to get them down need to lose a lot been checking health club who helps the over weight a lot. But the one near wants to much to join and monthly fees. Having trouble eating with new med plus I have been watching 600 lbs life I think I'm messing with my head for last week or so have only eat around 800 cal. Blood sugars have got to low like one night 50. I'm just not hungry

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Are you type 1 or type 2?

Please check out the Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation's website for the free leaflets. You can read/download and/or listen to the leaflets. Please go to: drwf.org.uk/diabetes-leaflets

Check out "A Healthy Diet and Diabetes ". You can also check out the DRWF group on HU. They are willing to help. You can ask any questions you have.


You need to discuss medical matters with a health professional. From what you've written it seems like you need to discuss lowering your medication for the amount of carbohydrate you eat. That said, your total calorie intake is too low to be sustainable for the long term phcuk.org/wp-content/upload...


Hi and welcome Vickiejane :)

I can only echo what Activity2004 and Concerned have already suggested. I'm afraid we're not qualified to give you the help you're needing, although we'd be very willing to support you on your weight loss journey, after you've resolved your medical issues :)

Wishing you all the very best :)


I'm in total support of what has been offered here to you. This is a great support team. Get to a doctor for a check up first, get details on your limitations for work outs. There are plenty of CD's you can buy through Amazon or your book store and do at home in your living room. Start walking slowly around the block- get a buddy or dog!

Please take care and keep in touch on your travels.

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Yes - Vickiejane, like the others said, go to the doctor. Diabetes is a dangerous disease and it's easy to get your meds wrong in either direction if you take insulin.

When you make an appointment, explain that you need a double appointment because you have a lot to discuss. Write yourself a list of what you want to discuss in the appointment. e.g.

1. Explain that you want to lose weight but that you need help and advice, partly because of managing your diabetes.

2. List the meds you are taking, how much and when.

3. List recent symptoms.

4. List what you've been eating, and what exercise you've done recently.

5. Ask the doctor to explain how many calories you should be eating with your condition and why. (I think it's unlikely 800 is going to be enough but I'm not a medical dr)

6. Ask the doctor to explain how to tailor the amount of your meds to your exercise and diet on a particular day. What should you do if you slip up and have much more sugar than you ought to have done? What should you do if you miss a meal?

7. Doctors in the UK can sometimes give "exercise prescriptions" which cover part of the cost of going to a gym or exercise classes. Can they do this for you? If not, what exercise do they recommend that is affordable?

8. Ask how soon you should make your next appointment to monitor the changes.

Take care and best wishes for being healthy!




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