Feeling positive😃

Feeling positive😃

I only joined on Sunday and as always sceptical but I have realised you do need support.

On here reading posts and being able to reply to give support and encouragement and get the same back.

I am no longer sceptical because my attitude towards losing weight and exercise has changed and my mindset is now "I can do it and I want one do it"

Also on here unlike joining a group you are not told what products of theirs to buy for them to make money out of you or competing against each other. So it feels more natural on here and for me that is good and positive😃


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9 Replies

  • A positively, positive post to match your positive mood, Lottie. I'm positively delighted for you ;)

    You're going to love it here, just like we all do. Have fun! :)

  • I agree the two big weekly weight loss groups didnt work for me.

  • Hiya, yes I prefer this group to WW or SW! Private weigh in , no pressure just encouragement, and as you say no silly products.

    Welcome to the group! Xx

  • No financial loss either only the pounds I want to lose!!! Xx

  • I agree with all those who didn't like the cost of the commercial groups.

    I also have to say that, aside from the cost, I dislike the idea of having to commit to a weekly meeting. We do have a weekly weigh in here, but it's strictly voluntary, "open" all day (and for some days after!), and if you miss one nobody's going to give you a hard time because we all know that life happens. :)

    Good luck, Lottie, and we'll get there in the end. :D

  • Welcome Lottie67 You will get loads of support on here it's great

    Good luck keep us all posted on your progress 😀

  • Maybe we should put £4 away each week and buy something glamorous and completely unnecessary when we succeed 😄👄👗👙💄💍

  • Brilliant idea😃

  • Totally agree! This forum is fabulous for support. Even when I don't post I read those from others and is so supportive and inspirational. Keep up the good work everyone!!x

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