So hot!

A bit off topic, but isn't it hot! I am going out walking all day tomorrow with two friends and their children. I hope we can go the distance! We'll be taking plenty of water. We're taking picnic lunches, and I've made a kind of frittata to take and share. it's basically a big omelette stuffed with precooked leeks, spinach and potato, and a bit of cheese.

I'm looking forward to it, I just hope there's a bit of shade en route!


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12 Replies

  • sounds lovely, make sure and take the sunscreen, wear a hat, enjoy your picnic and have fun 😊

  • I hope you have a smashing day, Ruby and that the temperature has gone down a bit :)

    I'm not a lover of hot weather myself, so can really feel for you :)

    Stay cool! 8-)

  • Thank you! I'm looking forward to this as we got rained off and had to cancel a few months ago! From one extreme to the other, typical British weather!

  • We'd have nothing to talk about if we didn't have our weather! :D Have fun! :)

  • I guess it's fair to say that you don't live in Scotland where the rain was bouncing off the road for the whole day yesterday. I still went out my walk in the morning and at lunch though. Think we have had around 8-10 warm days this summer which is more than normal. No wonder I want to retire to Spain.

  • Lol, i live in London, but took a holiday in Edinburgh this April, I loved it, but it did rain!

  • Haha, I rest my case.

  • Hi Ruby 8

    Don't just take water. When yo sweat, sorry perspire,,,, you lose electrolytes from the body. If these are not replaced then you can get tired sooner than you want to. You can make your own electrolyte by putting a small amount of salt, some sugar and some of your favourite juice into a litre bottle. You shouldn't taste the salt but you do need it. You can buy tablets, ones I use are called Zero (here is a link ). I think they are called zero as they contain no calories.

    Good luck on your walk and above all enjoy it.

  • Thanks for the good advice, I'll remember next time! Isn't that basically what those 'isotonic' drinks are? Anyway, it was flipping scorchingly hot, but luckily lot's of the walk was in lovely shady woodland. We had a great adventure with beautiful scenery, and we survived! :-)

  • I'm glad that your day went well Ruby and that you enjoyed your great adventure! :)

  • I can tell you my legs definitely got a work out!

  • I'll bet! :D

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