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Feeling lonely

Today has been the lowest mood I have had since starting my weight loss journey. I've had nothing but success since starting, even with my Scotland Holiday that I loved lol. But today the loneliness is getting to me. I know why, I'm having to do it all on my own.

To explain I am married but my husbands shifts are extremely unsocial. I have 5 children the older 3 with my ex husband who share their time between the two of us (as rightly they should) and a two year old and one year old. I work Monday to Friday and babies go to bed at 7 every night.

I love my family but have had to do all my working out either with the kids (which I do by walking the dog or just going out for long works and play ground trips) or a work out on the kinnect. And it's been going well up till now my motivation has been well up. Obviously walking the dog gets done 7 days a week, if it's dry we go out extra or for longer and 7 days a week I've been working out when the babies go to bed. But now it just feels so lonely. Im doing it all just me and kids adult company is becoming a thing of the past and quickly.

Sorry for going on and length didn't know where else to voice my feelings on this journey.

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Hiya. Im sorry you feel so lonely, it is a horrible feeling. Would you have any time at all to join an exercise class? Maybe something stress relieving like yoga , because it sounds like you are going really well with your aerobic activity already.

I'm sure others will have done good suggestions. 🙂

You are doing really well, it sounds like you just need a bit more support.

Do you use this forum quite a lot?


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I use it every so often but don't post all the time. I'm hoping I can encourage (or con) my mother into a few more hours of child care but feel guilty being she already does for me to work. But at the moment my husband is only off on a Sunday and there isn't much on then.

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With two under 5's and 3 older children, you are doing really well to be as organised as you are.

When my children were that age, I was lucky in that I had neighbours with similar age children and we would babysit for each other and walk to school together so there was always friendship and support, vital as we all lived a long way from our families.

Have you investigated what is available locally for young mums? Some churches do messy play sessions and involve the parents too if they wish. Some sports centres have swimming sessions aimed at young families, and there are also playgroups about that you can volunteer to help out at?

At least chatting on here, you can have some adult conversation. It won't be long before they are all grown up and you will find yourself like me longing to spend some time with a child again! I have to cuddle my terrier and pretend she is my baby....


My other half is as thin as a lath and doesn't need to exercise. He also has a very physical job, whereas mine is sedentary. I find it so hard to motivate myself into exercising or going out for a walk etc. You are doing so well, so don't give up.

I find it really enervating and positive to come onto this site and find people in a similar position to me. It makes me feel less alone in trying to achieve my goals.


I feel your pain hjpawsey

I am a night shift worker doing permanent nights and I also love long distance running. I often go out for hours now and up to 18-20 miles most Sundays.

In order to not be too bored I take my bluetooth headphones and listen to music. Mainly motivational music and also I listen to motivational speeches which keeps my head in the right place. Try and find someone near by that you could walk with or go out with. A mum and tods group or even a weight loss group as there you will find people often afraid of doing exercise and would love someone to do it with.

Chin up and keep up the good work

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Although I am past all that kids stuff and no adult company.....I totally empathise with you and can relate to what your saying.

You seem to be very busy and doing well with this group which is great😃

Maybe an exercise class could help as you would be with other women and some health centres have a creche.

Are there any mum and tots groups in your area, it maybe centred around kids but there are mum's there who you could chat with.

I hope this helps and maybe you can get into some group that will give you some adult company that you need.

Good luck and don't forget chatting on here is helpful😃

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I so understand! I was like that once but now that I am older, I have more adult company than I did when I was younger. I like the advice you got about joining an exercise class, maybe one with day care? as I sit here and feed my face with unhealthy food, I applaud you for your wonderful efforts and think you are wonderful. I think this is the perfect place to unload your upset and to feel better when you do. I think you are so brave to do what you do with what support you do get and hope you continue to do so. I have used this forum so many times to unload and I always get such good advice that I always feel better. I hope you do too. and besides. Chin up!!

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