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been a while

its been a while since i last posted something online. Ive been really busy. too much has been happening. my auntie and my baby cousin brother just got back from their holiday.

Ive been quite moody and thats only because i feel as if I'm putting pounds back on. the upside is when my auntie came back from holiday she actually thought i joined the gym because even she could see I've lost inches to my waist, i don't think a lot but hey she noticed, so yayyy thumbs up.

my uncle isn't well , he's has surgery done and this was month ago and still is finding things hard to get back to normal so the entire family has been worried about that and he's the coolest uncle anyone can possibly have.

i enrol back on my degree as of next month, just not looking forward to getting back and seeing those faces and one other face and he is of a tutor who i desperately don't want to teach me this coming september. New projects and 10x the hard work. Im not shy of her work but that feeling of constantly being stressed, not being able to sleep because I'm awake till 3-4am, not eating which i did last year and calling eating an activity and running from it, missing my workout sessions because I have this idea in my head that every second count and there not much time left when there an entire year is what I'm not looking forward to. Then comes my graduation in november.

Back to my weight sorry about the rant, i could seriously go on me :) which i keep thinking I've gained a few inches and was very lost with my diet and exercise. I gave myself a rest day and then that turned in to 2, then a very mean auntie came to pay me a visit during that time of the month so all i ate was my early birthday cake as my family won't be around so my birthday was celebrated early exactly a month early :), and the cake was to die for, i literally mean in i didn't binge on it, i only ate half a slice when it came home and then i couldn't sleep because of the pain around 4.30 am so i went and ate more cake, oh the cravings and then ate what i could get my hands on but thankfully it wasn't a lot. i then felt guilty about what i had done and then started working out hard, yes when it was that time of the month.

after this then i got lost and forgot how to get back on my diet and workout plans. Sadly this happens to me every month after i get better from that time, i just completely get lost then i become skeptical of not just the food but after working so hard and losing a few inches i feel I've gained them back. my fingers looked thin but for some reason i don't know why they looked fat to me. i keep losing motivation but never that motivation to give up.

I've taken a break from my LISS, don't get me wrong I've still been exercising. when i said that I've lost the motivation but not that motivation to give up and this is what i mean by this. I've been trying the insanity work out with shaun T, its so hard, i could give up and stop but i don't. i just don't want to and its so pain ful but I'm soldiering on.

I've been doing the jillian michaels, 30 day shreds and kick boxing, I've been doing bob harper work outs, andy borden workout consisting of HITTS, soothing gotta work so I've been trying that out.

I am going out, went out today , will be going out tomorrow. Been eating healthy, i brough asparagus and hate the way it tastes. I've been eating kale and rye bread, i hate the taste of rye bread so i put a dollop of ketchup of one slice, its less then half a tsp, i make one egg white mixed with another complete egg and kale and just frying that such as scramble that and have that for breakfast. I've been eating quo chicken pieces, boiled eggs, baked fish fingers, mango, kale, strawberry, cherry, lemon grass and banana smoothies.

after 2pm is my routine when i start my workouts and then in the nights. I've basically been trying out so much to figure out what actually works for me.

trying to get back in to swings. such a long post, this is what happens if you leave me alone with the keyboard i go on one. I'm sorry if any of you guys got bored half way through or don't mind if you guys clicked on something else, i could talk and talk for hours but then theres that time when i actually do calm down and take a time for a breather :). if you guys have been reading on, then from the bottom of the heart THANK-YOU, i appreciate more than any of you in the weight loos family will know :)

How is everyone enjoying this hot weather that is clearly not made for us

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