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It's strange, isn't it, the things we will and won't put up with. Thick waist, top-heavy, jeans too tight, wedding ring having to come off 'cos it's digging into finger - all these I can bear with, but thick ankles? No way!

Don't know if it's the summer heat or old age setting in but pudginess in the feet and thickening ankles is really getting to me and stiffening my resolve. I eat SO much less than I did but the dratted menopausally moribund metabolism just means the weight is stuck like concrete. I wonder if anyone worries (like I do) that the heavy lifting/ strenuous exercise so favoured at the mo is setting the system up to fail in later life when you can't maintain the pace?

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Hi Overeater, what type of heavy lifting and strenuous exercise are you doing at the moment? I tend to avoid both so not sure what you're into that gives cause for concern.


Hi Jenyfer

I don't do heavy lifting myself, but on Myfitnesspal it seems to be the go-to thing for burning calories and all- round fitness. Cardio seems less favoured at the moment (can't remember why, probably not too effective...) I think I was just having reservations about building unsustainable amounts of exercise into the day when the chances are that eventually we won't be able to manage it all, and whoops! the metabolism has got accustomed to a certain amount of calorie-burn so UP will go the weight unless we almost stop eating completely.

If all I do is go for a nice walk, husband says "you won't lose weight unless you really PUSH yourself and sweat it off". I don't remember people doing all this gym-thing in the 70s and when you watch old Top of the Pops, there isn't a Fatty in sight.

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apparently losing weight is 80% food and 20% exercise and it all boils down to calories in to calories burnt, you need to burn at least 500 more per day than you eat to lose weight. On that basis, if you are not a gym bunny you can still lose weight by doing exercise you enjoy and brisk walking is great for burning calories, have a look at Leslie Sansones walking videos on you tube. Maybe do one of the videos with your husband 😉


I think cardio is mega important and a lot of our members run as a way to help with weight loss. A lot of us also do swimming. Some people do nothing but cardio (each to their individual levels). Personally I do a variety of aerobic/strength/balance and flexibility. I think that's key and can be maintained with age with planning and determination. You don't need a mega gym session but I will say this, I see a variety of ages at my gym, from teens to people that are in their 80s!

Gyms actually started to appear more popular in the 60s and 70s but even before then there were gyms, perhaps not as well known I don't know but I found this which might be interesting to you: diet-blog.com/09/the_rise_o...

I think a positive mind set can get you very far and knowing that there are many different ways to get fit, so there is something for everyone no matter age, gender, abilities or fitness.


I'm an avid gym person and do weights and interval training 3 times weekly but even I have been stumped for the past 2 weeks as put on 1/2lb .If anyone has a solution I would like to know too am dreading the menopause and know its not far off therefore its crucial that I loose some weight beforehand.


Hi folks - thank you for replying. (Hi Pringles)

I've been doing more Piyo than anything else; about 3 times a week -I know you're supposed to do it x5 but I can't manage that much. Have just ordered R.conley video because am fed up with Piyo after 4 yrs.

Used to trot round the park but we moved away from it and I got out of the habit -I wish the state of being fit &healthy lasted as long as does the fat, but it disappears like snow in August. Back to 50/50 jogging and walking but it's so HARD (and the weight is stubborn)

Definitely, try and lose excess weight before menopause because afterwards it slows down to zero, in my experience.


It is possible but definitely tougher!! I averaged 1lb a week for about 3 months, then 2lb month . . . Worrying it will stall completely after this recent hysterectomy 😕 But 'weight' is only a number, health eating and fitness is a lifestyle choice . . . Fingers crossed for us all 😊


A tendency to wider than average calves and ankles can be an inherited trait - look at your mother and grandmother to see if any of them had the same?

Also, work involving a lot of time on your feet might encourage fluid retention in the feet and ankles.

Plenty of walking, swimming, cycling perhaps, (and resting with legs raised) together with a healthy diet is the best thing you can do to encourage a shapely leg, but it is OK to pace yourself to fit your exercise in sensibly with the rest of your life.


I lost 3 1/2 stone in 2013 without doing ANY vigorous exercise. I just reduced my calories to 1400 daily, breastfed, did the school walk (10 mins) and looked after 3 pre schoolers. They keep you active, but I didn't do ANYTHING to get out of breath and still lost weight. So I agree that most of it is to do with diet, however exercise allows you to have treats and burn off those "extra calories", it also has many health benefits, tones your body and makes you more supple.

I don't like the gym; I have 4 very young kids, so don't have the time especially as two of them are preschoolers, however I prefer to workout at home to a Rosemary Conley DVD too 4-5 times a week when the kids are in bed.

I also like swimming and take the kids when I can.

Exercise should be enjoyable, so if you get results from doing something you enjoy, rather than going to the gym, do it!

And probably nobody's even noticed if you have puffy ankles, but it is roasting and things do swell in the heat - give yourself a break 💜


Lovely, supportive replies all - thank you.

Rosemary Cs DVD landed on the doormat a couple of hours ago and so that's tomorrow's exercise sorted!

Used to have terrific success with the F-Plan diet but less so now, probably owing to age, hormones etc.

The ankle thing got me because it was never an issue before; just another of the joys that middle-age throws at you and not necessarily what was expected! Otherwise, perfectly healthy (fingers crossed) so will moan no more.

Hope you all continue with good health and lots of dieting success. x


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