Hi Bobbivee

I am so suprised that you have had issues with skechers my husband and I probably have 15 pairs between us and never had an issue. We live in them the picture is what I have on today as slippers so comfortable and I have very soft baby feet.

Go walk as in the picture areally not for running they advise a lace up for that.

I hope you do get it sorted out I am so disappointed for you.

I purchase ours from QVC 30 day money back guarantee you can wear them out if any issues you can just send back with no questions asked for a full refund.

I hope you get sorted keep us informed. You can always ring skechers head office if you get no joy from the shop.

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  • When I had problems the guy in the sketchers shop was fine about it, he said most people find them really comfortable, but some people, depending on shape of foot/ankle can have a problem, he completely understood and gave me a full refund.

  • Hi Caz

    Yes I remember you having issues in your one of your previous posts. ☺

  • I only have one pair of sketchers I bought for walking and they are so comf., The best trainers I ever had were Reeboks, I wore them to death. I find my problem is with actual shoes, maybe it's because the material is stiffer on those I always end up with blisters and skin rubbing off ugh!!! 🙁 I would live in slip on sandles if I could all year round. 🙂

  • Hi Bev Yes me also. I had reebok they were white soft leather with lilac laces and a small line of lilac around the white soles. I remember them being expensive at the time.👟

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