I'm new on the forum :) Having my first tough day

Hi everyone, I've been on the NHS 12 week plan for almost four weeks but am just joining the forum today. I've been really enjoying the plan so far but I'm finding it really hard today as I'm going through some tough family issues. My first instinct is to reach for some pizza and Maltesers, but I really don't want to undo all my good work! I was wondering whether anyone has any tips for coping with emotional eating and to sticking to eating healthily when times get a bit tough? Thanks :) x


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17 Replies

  • Hi and welcome Claire :)

    Sorry to hear that you've been going through a tough time recently, but you've done exactly the right thing, by coming on here for advice and distraction, but there are many things you can do instead of turning to food :)

    Take a look at the Pinned Posts section, to the right of your screen (bottom, if you're using a mobile) and have a look at the Welcome Newbies thread, it has a link to the NHS 12 week plan, which is a guide to healthy living, rather that a specific diet plan.

    There are heaps of tips in the newbie thread to help take your mind off comfort eating.

    Consider joining any, or all, of our challenges, as they're fun and motivating.

    Join us for the monday group weigh-in, which I have posted today, but which Zest will be posting in future. The latest thread can always be found in the events section, to the right of the home page.

    Wishing you all the very best :)

  • Hi Moreless, thanks so much for the welcome and the advice. Being able to share having a difficult day has already helped, so thank you for your reply. I'll have a good look through the pinned posts and I like the sound of the challenges too. Thanks :)

  • My pleasure Claire, I hope you find all the answers you're looking for, but if not, come back and I'll polish up the old grey matter again ;)

    All the best! :)

  • Hello Claireeightythree :)

    Welcome to the forum! ;) You've already done something that will hopefully help you in a big way; you've joined this forum. :) This is a great support network and does help you keep motivated as you read other success stories and celebrate your successes and gain comfort from others when you have blips. That can not be underestimated, as I know a lot of members would agree that this place is a big part of their motivation. Knowing you're not alone in this is a massive boost! :D

    Have you got an activity you can get lost in? Like a good book, a long walk or something fun you can do with friends? I find these good distractions from comfort eating when I am having a bad day. :)

    Good luck and once again, welcome!

    Sazkia x ♥

  • Hi Sazkia, thanks so much for your reply. It's lovely hearing from others and reading people's posts on here who are on the same weight loss journey, it really is motivating and I'm already finding it a massive source of comfort and support! Thanks for your suggestions for getting lost in an activity, that's a great idea, distraction can work wonders. It's funny how you forget these things when you're caught up in a situation; another reason why I think this forum is wonderful! Thanks so much again, and I hope your own weight loss is going well xx

  • You're more than welcome. :) You are quite right, these things are easily forgotten when we have so much going on. You've done really well so far and I hope you go much further. All the best with your journey and please don't forget to let us know of your progress along the way! We love to hear from other people, as it helps to inspire. ;)

    My weight-loss journey is going well, thank you. :) I've noticed my health improve, my fitness especially. :D I also feel more comfortable in my clothes and like how I am looking in them! :) I've dropped a dress size since starting (four weeks ago) and enjoying being healthier. :)

    Sazkia x ♥

  • Hi Sazkia, wow, that's fantastic progress, congratulations! You must feel amazing, especially going down a dress size! :) I've noticed my fitness is improving now too after three weeks. I've got five stone to lose altogether and have lost 10lbs so far. I'm trying to think of it as a stone at a time otherwise I get a little overwhelmed! It is exciting to think how we will all look and feel in ourselves once we get nearer our goal weights. I keep thinking of how I'll feel by Christmas and can't wait to treat myself to a new jumper dress or something! (I love autumn/winter clothes!) I'm already feeling better than I did earlier and my motivation has returned, so thanks so much again! xx

  • Well done on already losing so much weight, that's fantastic! :D I agree, one small goal at a time. :) I too am going for a stone then I'll go for the next stone and onward until I reach the top end of my healthy BMI. :) I think once I have reached that I shall try to maintain for a while then once I can do that with confidence I shall try to lose another half stone to get into a healthy BMI more comfortably. However, my health is the top priority and I shall listen to my body and go from there, if that makes sense? Just because the BMI calculator states I should be a certain weight does not mean my body will agree! :P Mind you, I'm talking very far ahead here, I have months, possibly a year, before I get to that stage. Slow and steady is the way I am going about things. :)

    Sazkia x ♥

  • Heya. I totally know how you feel. Emotional eating is hard one to tackle. Sometimes it helps me to think 'yes you feel bad now, but if you eat junk food you will feel 10x worse!'. It reminds me that I don't actually feel any better for overeating at all, even though my brain tells me I will.

    Also remind yourself you are allowed to feel stressed and bad, and although it's uncomfortable, you don't need to automatically make it 'go away' with food. If that makes sense? You will survive the feeling.

    also I find it I am really craving something like chocolate sometimes I will just give in and enjoy a normal portion of it. Like go to a cafe where you can't really binge eat, order one slice of yummy chocolate cake and just enjoy it.

    I've read that everyone comfort eats sometimes, it's just a problem if you do it regularly.

    Whatever you decide to do, don't be hard on yourself, you've done really well!

    All the best,


  • Very good advice there. A little treat now and then helps a long way! It's good to be healthy but a balanced diet is just that - a balancing act of different kind of foods and to feel guilty for having something extra now and then is not healthy. Enjoy the treat and think of it as the balancing part of your healthy eating. :D

    Sazkia x

  • Very true! I feel a bit worried that if I have one treat, I'll end up eating loads, but I've survived having a chocolate biscuit, haha :D You're so right that it's a balancing act, I think that's what I'll find the hardest but it'll be so rewarding to finally get it right! Thanks again x

  • Hi Hedgehog, thanks for that brilliant advice, that's really helpful! I like the thought of not fighting the feeling but learning to live with it. I've been trying to do that with mindfulness recently, just observe the feeling and watch it pass but not try to challenge it. Also good to remind myself that if I thought 'stuff it' today and binge eat that it would only make me feel worse, not better. Thanks so much for this! I've also treated myself to a choccy biccie too :) Hope you're having a good start to your week x

  • Hiya, you're very welcome, glad to be of help. A choccy biccie sounds a good choice!

    Mindfulness is great- can be very useful sometimes. I have done mindfulness meditation in the past and although I don't do it anymore (it's hard work!), it has definitely influenced how I think about problems. Just the act of noticing I feel rubbish, and being like 'oh, I feel rubbish, that's ok' can actually make me feel a little better!

    Yep I've had a good start to the week thanks, although haven't eaten very healthily today. Have to definitely eat something green tomorrow!

    All the best, well done for navigating your rough patch so well.


  • Thanks so much :) I'm really chuffed I've made it to tonight without giving into binge eating! Thanks to yours and everyone else's help :) I love your advice about just noticing how you feel, it really does help. Glad you've had a good start to the week, and here's to healthier eating tomorrow! But occasional not-so-healthy days are ok too :) xx

  • Spinach and choccie biccies ftw! 👍


  • Here's a link to the plan patios, I hope it helps :)


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