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Hi my name is Maggie

Hi all...............I am in my early 50's and lead a very active life . I have an underactive thyroid and have received treatment of over10 years in creasing from 50 t0 100 mg tabs .

Since reaching 50 I have put on 10lb on the middle are of my body. which if I eat do not eat or have carbs / no carbs I will lose or gain 2/3 lb . I look like I am 3 months pregnant some days I feel quite down about this.

But am positive............... Today weight is 11st 9lb target just under 11st

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Hi and welcome Maggie :)

I hope you found your post in the weigh-in thread, that I transported for you :)

Don't feel despondent, there are others on the forum that also suffer from hypothyroidism, whom, I'm sure, will be able to support you and there's also another community, dedicated solely to people with similar problems


I hope you'll be very happy with us and will be active on the forum :)

Wishing you all the best :)


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