I think my scales are broken :-?

So, I was doing very well indeed. I lost 10lbs in 3 weeks. However, because I was doing so well, I started allowing myself to have a little treat here and there. BIG mistake! After over indulging I put on 4lbs. Lost another 1lb so a total of 3lbs on.

I usually only weigh once a week, a weighed on Sunday morning (yesterday) and this morning thought I'd just double check... as you do... well my scales said I put on 6lbs over night???

So I moved scales to a different floor and it said I was back down to what I was on Sunday. Then moved them to another bit of the floor, and I was half a stone lighter!! haha.

So I have no idea what I actually weigh! Either the floor is extremely uneven or my scales are well and truly broken! :O

Good news is, I'm back on track! I've set another mini goal and going to make sure I reach it in 2 weeks time, as it will be my Bday and I shall be having a weekend of cocktails and eating out.

Hows everyone else doing?


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6 Replies

  • I have a pair of scales just like yours; my weight was all over the place. The secret is to always put your scales on a solid, flat surface; tiles or lino etc and never carpet. Make certain the floor itself isn't uneven in the spot you choose and always weigh yourself at that same place at the same time of day and wearing similar weight clothing. Then you should get a more consistent reading. I still use the same scales now but they behave themselves these days. Good luck.

  • I do exactly as you do same place, same time, same scales, in my nightie early morning I just couldn't cope seeing numbers changing all over the place. 😊

  • My scales are exactly the same! And I use them on tiled flooring in the kitchen. Glad I'm not the only one with this problem XD

  • I never trust my scales!

  • Use digital ones, I use the app happy scale gives a daily average too

  • Thanks Diana, I already use digital scales but never heard of the app so I'll have a look. Thank you

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