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Today I got on the scales

14 stone 12. Well chuffed. But even better than this,last night I walked away from a chocolate choux bun that my beloved offered me as a treat. Don't get me wrong now,eyes said yes hearty said yes mouth wasgetting ready for a yes when by the grace of God alone I am sure. My brain told my legs WALK!!!!!!so I came upstairs until he had eaten them both lol xx whatever works huh? Our food shop yesterday looked like a healthy persons food shop all colourful and healthy and fruity veggy and fish and chicken and stuff. Beef stir fry tonight xxx got an exam this arvo and don't feel any desire for any comfort food other than cherries and a peach. Xxx so grateful you are all here xxx have a great week xx

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Oh how you made me laugh😃😃😃 I think my other half may have been wearing the bun with a "Don't you know I am changing my diet?" But very well done that must be about 300 calories you DON'T have to work off😰😰😰 Bev

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I did consider the other 'options' , to be fair, but have very few places left to hide the bodies of the naturally high metabolic rate smugs xx Kirsten


I know that feeling all my husbands family eat like crazy and never put much weight on. So I think they are tofi's, thin outside, fat inside that's how I like to think anyway.😊


Great willpower :D

btw your food shop looked like a healthy persons shop because that's what you are now. Well done!!


Awww, thank you. I guess I am. It was odd how it just seemed like I was at the wrong conveyor belt for a moment lol x


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