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Let's get started - with a lot oh help from my friends

I'm coming up to 70 and this past twelve months has not been the easiest. All my life I have played sport of all types until I my early 40s when my career took off in a big way and my lovely husband died suddenly. My weight gain over the next twenty years was huge and nothing I could do made any difference. However about the age of 65 I was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease but I continued to go to the gym until last summer when one week after completing the CancerResearch race for life womb cancer materialised. I have had a hysterectomy. Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy but the weight continues to increase. Life is now much slower, but also busy. So, please, how do I get rid of at least two stones? Your help would be appreciated.

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Goodness, you have been through the wars....

So much of weight loss is related to your state of mind, and over the years you must have battled depression, anxiety, the works!

Hopefully a new page can now be turned, and a fresh life starts from tomorrow. Re-write the story! Don't look back if you can help it; look forwards. Make plans to make life more interesting (within the limitations of your health); write a book, research your ancestors, take up photography, join a WI or whatever - you say you are busy so maybe you have already helped yourself on to a more positive road? Hopefully you have found a little more joy in your life, and the ability to take control of your food should become easier, when it ceases to be a crutch to lean on or a source of comfort.

Have a look at the Welcome Newbies Post and the 12 Week Program which starts a lot of people on the right path. Clear out your cupboards of tempting foods. Learn to refuse offers of cakes and biscuits (say your Doctor has forbidden it if it helps). Weigh portions and drink more fruit tea and water. Start to believe you can do this - because you can, if you decide to.

Stay in touch on this forum - a lot of helpful people on here, all fighting their own battle too.



Well to rid ourselves of the excess is eat less and exercise, it sounds simple but it's the exercise part that can be the hardest. So we can only do what our body allows us to and any is better than none.

Some of us due to health, age or both may have more difficulty exercising.

I am looking for a gentle exercise class for the older lady as I am 60+ and have health issues.

So all I can say is follow this plan and do your best and we can all support each other good luck😃


Hi and welcome Tina :)

I'm so sorry to hear that you've had such a tough time of things recently. It seems, that in the past, you've used exercise as a way of maintaining your weight and that now, maybe, it's time to watch your diet instead.

You've been given some great advice already, I'd just like to invite you along to our group weigh-in :)


I hope you'll be very happy here and that you'll be active on the forum, as that's where we make friends and get our daily fix of motivation and inspiration :)

Wishing you all the very best :)


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