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Weight loss advice please

Weight loss advice please


I'm Teena 30 years old my current weight is 12st 13lbs

I'm 5ft 3

My body mass is 32

I get bad back & leg pains, I have a large tummy, bottom & thighs

I struggle with eating a healthy balanced diet day to day, as when I'm in a rush it's a lot quicker to grab somethink processed.

Really have to change my habits of a life time & would like advice!

I've tried slimming world before I did loose a stone & half but I just don't feel motivated like I use to .......

Any ideas tips & people to buddy up with for support would be great :)

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You're in the right place here. Tons of support. Try the nhs 12 week plan (on the nhs weight loss website) there's a bmi checker there too whih tells you what you should be aiming for calorie wise. I find the addition of a calorie counter app (myfitnesspal) really helps and after a while becomes second nature. Good luck x


Good luck Teena! Look out for the weigh in on Mondays too as it can help to read everyone else's stories. 🌻

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Here we have listed some important tips to help you lose weight:

Don't skip breakfast

Eat regular meals

Eat plenty of fruit and veg

Get more active

Drink plenty of water

Use a smaller plate

Don't stock junk food

Plan your meals

You should follow these tips to loss weight.


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