Easing myself in!

Easing myself in!

I haven't gone in hardcore yet! No meal planning or jogging trips just yet. I am posting a picture of the dress I would like to fit back into. It's not a particularly special dress, just one that a few years ago was a floaty summer dress, and now fits like the skin on an overstuffed sausage! Not a good look!! I am taking up my favourite activity again, swimming, and have been three times in the last two weeks, including once in the sea and once in an unheated lido!

Foodwise, I am happy at the moment to just drop the biscuits or cake I would usually eat in front of the tv every evening. I've been looking around at healthy recipes. In a way my core diet isn't too bad, it's all those naughty extras and my love of carbs. I've been off work having my summer break, but I think the test will come when I get back to work and feel tired and stressed.


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  • Heya! I think thats a sensible way to do it, anyway . Slowly drop bad habits and pick up good ones, and will stay slimmer for life. 😊

    I also have basically a goodd diet, but my problem is portion size i think. Also dont worry too much about carbs, maybe just swop the refined carbs for more low GI ones? I find oats and brown basmati rice nice and filling and they keep you going. I have to add something tasty though like a little raw honey to my overnight oats, or a little oil and soy sauce to the rice.

    Wishing you all the best xx

  • I hear you! Portion size is an issue! I make my own bread some times and am developing a bit of a flour fetish! Good to throw seeds and even a few nuts into things. I just made some soda bread, which is the next best thing to cake. It has little fat, (buttermilk or natural yoghurt) and two tablespoons of sugar in the whole thing. I put sultanas in this one and overall it's quite sweet. Trouble is, I will gobble it all up if I'm not careful. I think I might give some away to my neighbour!

  • Mmm soda bread! I used to make that with a pinch of caraway seeds and raisins, so yummy. V easy to load with butter, in my case! Im intolerant to gluten now which is rubbish sometimes, but sometimes im glad theres something stopping me eating bread lol. As long as you count the calories though ( if thats what youre doing) its fine, and totes yummy.

    I find with portion size my eyes are def bigger than my stomach! I assume when I'm hungry that a small portion wont be enough to fill me up, but it usually is, especially if i drink water afterwards. Ive written in my calorie diary REDUCE PORTION SIZE to remind me every day that i dont need as much as i want!


  • Ruby

    Well you are doing the first thing right by cutting out all the naughty things

    I must say biscuits and cake are my downfall so I know how you feel

    Love the dress and good luck in getting into it

    Pam x

  • Good luck Ruby8 your beautiful dress will soon be floaty again 😀 good luck x

  • You can do it! Just stick at it.

    I started losing weight by allowing myself anything I wanted within budget. When I reached the point where I wanted to cut out certain foods (mainly because I decided to eliminate sugar), I set a cut-off time in the evening after which I wouldn't eat. This was because I only really ate the foods I wanted to stop eating in the evenings (candy bars and the like) not because I wanted to stop snacking as I'd been saving calories for the snacks.

    Since having the cut-off though, I haven't really included any snacks at all and I'm eating three larger meals a day (sometimes two). It sounds odd, but I think it works for me because I don't have to think about it and talk myself into or out of eating things. I just don't eat after 6pm (in my case). It might be worth trying something like that. I didn't expect it to work as well as it has!

  • anything white is the kiss of death for dieters Mmet

  • Yes...I love baking, it's a hobby as much as anything, and bread feels slightly less sinful than cake...

  • I think you are right in that it is about finding what works for you and suits your habits and personality. I have to wait and see how things pan out, but I might try your approach. :-)

  • I like that idea radioactiveblue- I too liked the sweet nacks in the evening! I have managed to cut them out. I sometimes have two spoons of yogurt with some almond and walnuts😃, sound odd, but i like it 😊.

  • If you drop the nibbles and stick to three meals a day within the calories for your BMI, you will shocked at how much you can lose. I don t know what your job is, but I am going to guess that it could be teaching? Hard to not be stressed but finding a healthier alternative "go to" snack could work. Xx

  • Lol, I'm not a teacher, I just have verbal diarrhoea!! In fairness my job is what helps keep me sane, but I have to travel quite far cross town, that's what tires me out!

  • The other day, on here, someone mentioned a banana and bran cake that you slice and freeze, they gave me the recipe. I might try that as my 'emergency stash'!

  • I could have written that--exactly what im doing--MmeT

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