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After 2 years I need a belt again :)


this is a bit of an achievement and i want to celebrate :)

A couple of years ago I decided that the belt was not needed as I was big (fat) enough to fill any trousers I had and they were uncomfortable, so I put them all in my wardrobe, they slowly sank and I forgot about them.

But once back from Italy this week (5th week started) I realized the jean's (which I did not use on holiday) were definitely large! I can fit a fist between my body and them!

This is a new feeling. I have never lost weight and size (or at least I cannot remember as the last time I did something for my image I was 13 so I was changing clothes anyway...), this is a first! Indeed, since I stopped running in 2003 I only gained weight (or at the very top lost a couple of kilos, immediately replaced with brand new fat :) even if in 2014 I restarted running. Now, still running, the new eating habits are helping :)

Probably you all know the feeling, but for the first time I can feel my jean's growing around my body: there is empty space between me and them - and it's a nice new feeling. I am going to wait before buying new clothes as there is still a lot of work to be done, but this is great news and I want to celebrate and acknowledge the help (active or passive) already received since I joined this community

THANKS TO ALL OF YOU :) I would have probably lost it without this :)

I am anyway still in the middle of overweight BMI (happily down from obese :) so next goal must be normal weight :)

have a great weekend


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Hidden4 stone

Brilliant, well done!! I bet you're well chuffed! :) Congratulations!

Sazkia x


Well done. Onwards and downwards x and I agree with you, this site is a lifesaver. X

marco8315kg in reply to Hidden

yep, It probably saved mine already given the direction I was going...hope to be able to keep up ;)

Crimson85j3 stone

Well done. Sounds like you are well on your way. Every success like this should be celebrated so go and get yourself something. Even if it is just one pair of well fitting trousers or jeans. You've earnt them x

marco8315kg in reply to Crimson85j

Going with the kids to splash in the swimming pool, should be fun :)


I'm so very happy for you , so impressed that you now need a belt again!!

You must be overjoyed and why not .

Keep up the good work and well done!

Have a great weekend

Pam x

that's great Marco, whoop whoop 🎉🎉🎉 onwards and downwards!


Well done marco that's great keep up the good work :)

Well done you keep it up and keep us posted of your progress good luck


Congratulations 🎉

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