Last run at 61!

Last run at 61!

Today was my last run age 61 come Monday I'll be 62 and doing my 113th 5K of 2016! It will be great to lose these last nine pounds much less to lug around the lake! I think the arm exercises are starting to pay off you just have to keep at it - it's boring but it's working. I have a birthday dinner planned, a tomato and avocado salad, king prawns done in garlic butter with bread for dipping then goat's cheese followed by a scoop of caramel ice cream - oh and washed down with a bottle of bubbly. All of which I am thoroughly going to enjoy! Hope everyone has a great weekend and a good result at weigh-in on Monday.


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15 Replies

  • Looking fit! Happy Birthday and hope you enjoy your Birthday meal 😊 Great that you are going to continue running 😊 I would be interested to know what arm exercises you are doing, need to get rid of my bingo wings!

  • Thanks Caz28 I am SO going to enjoy my meal! The arms exercises are tedious but they seem to be working (progress is s l o w). I'm using two 3kg hand weights - I do overhead presses (I do these first as I find them the most difficult), tricep kickbacks, upward rows and finally bicep curls. I started doing 10 of each exercise- one set before my run, one after my run and one later in the day). I did this on each run day so nine sets over the week (4X10X9). Over the past nine weeks I've upped the reps to 20 (I'm going to stick at 20 as it's a killer). I've found the upward rows have gotten much easier but the overhead presses have remained a struggle. I try and do all my exercise on my three 'exercise' days to give my body max recovery time (it's probably all in my head but it works for me). Off now to do my final set of the week which means I will have lifted those bloomin weights a total of 720 times since Monday.

  • thanks so much for explaining, will give it a go!

  • Fabulous! Enjoy your birthday.

  • You are only a few months older than me - and your legs look a lot better than mine. It is great that you are enjoying your 60's (the new 40's they say...) and I hope you have a great birthday!

  • DartmoorDumpling I'm enjoying the 60s as I don't have to go to work anymore and can indulge in my hobbies - I know how very, very lucky I am to be in that position. I hate my legs (they look like they were meant to play field hockey which they did at one point!) and until recently would only run in my thermal leggings the shorts are hubby's as I don't even own a pair. However, I think I've gotten a bit bolder since joining this forum ;)

  • Wow that's fantastic well done , enjoy your birthday meal :)

  • Thanks E1l2v3i4s5 I am going to savour every mouthful...

  • That many runs?

    Enjoy your birthday and the meal that goes with it :)

  • RobLandsdown91 I was on the injury couch for six months last year and put on the weight that I'm now trying to lose. I started back running first week in January and run at least three times a week so it's' not long before the number of 5Ks start to add. I thought once I got back running the weight would go alas not so therefore nine weeks ago I started the 12 week plan...

  • You're certainly doing well :D

  • Wow! You are a true inspiration.

    I am just about to start the C25K and hoping I will be able to manage even the beginning of it. You look absolutely amazing and certainly nowhere near 62.

    Happy Birthday for Monday have a fantastic day 🎂 Bev

  • I am just finishing week 3 of the C25K and surprised that it is going ok so far. I found the first week ok. All manageable so far and dare I say it, even fun!

    Good luck Bev!

  • Itsbab that is great the C25K is an excellent programme. I started it when I was 57 and have been running ever since (outside of injury last year). One of the best things I have ever done. Good luck on your journey.

  • wow, you are amazing, well done for all your hard work, all that energy, have a very happy birthday on monday, and enjoy your meal, very inspirational.

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