HealthUnlocked is the forum,and the way to go.When you need to get help, or if your weight needs to be low.

Advice from other people,with tips about this and that.Cant go wrong at all,by having an e mail chat.

So many others,are feeling the same.As you and me,youre not going insane.

The support is amazing,and it will help I'm sure.So don't forget the forum,by shutting the door.

Impartial it is ,without a doubt.It has helped me to sort myself out.

So go on give it a go,and you will find.So much positiveness and well being of your mind.


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6 Replies

  • Now that is a lovely way to pass the time, writing a merry little Rhyme, it keeps your mind and fingers busy, no hunger pangs to make you dizzy. A great idea Gman1961 - we can all have a little fun!

  • Hi Dartmoor dumpling,i enjoy doing them , never posted one on here though.had to type on my phone so format did not come out correct .thanks for your reply.

  • Very good! 😊

  • Thanks Caz

  • So true, i don't post a lot but i look in every day and find it inspiring and i love all the funny posts as well as the helpful one's good luck everyone onwards and downwards xx rosie😃😃👍

  • Thanks Rosie

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