Bringondaskinny rides again!!!

Bringondaskinny rides again!!!

Good morning lovely people. I'm on day two and feeling good. Mainly due to the fact that i have spent the last year or more whingeing about the 3 and a half stone i piled on following giving up smokin. Hahaha, makes me laugh that I always blame the thing that was good for me and not take responsibility for the gargantuan fat-sodden meals and sweets I rammed in my face as a 'reward' for not smoking.

So, here I am just a pound under the fifteen stone mark now and only 77 lbs to go hahaha. One pound at a time. I cannot believe how much I'm tinkling, I'm usually a two wees woman but that's now become Queen of the Ladies room and tinkling like a donkey on an hourly basis. Drinking stacks of cold filtered water is helping.

I never thought I would be grateful for a plate full of veggies but, hey, any port in a storm. Fruit is pleasurable now since I gave up the other types of sugar, I used ot think fruit was for the wimps who couldn't man up for a doughnut-a-thon. Tragic, really, the lies we tell ourselves and the brash fronts we can put on about being ok with our figures. Especially when I loathed myself inwardly and didn't think i deserved to be slim. As for me, am all done being a breathless, lardy, unhealthy heart-attack waiting to happen sooooo Bringondaskinny!!!

Worst pic in whole history of world of me to remind myself why I'm doing this. I look like my blood pressure is about to make my head explode, am unusually pink!!!


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6 Replies

  • You can do this. You know you can. Forgive yourself and you'll be able to move forward and reach your goals. You are beautiful. You deserve it x

  • Bless you, what a delightfully encouraging response. thank you so much. I will. (I'm working on daring to believe the other bits : )

  • You are obviously quite a cheery person with a great sense of humour so that will help! You are being a bit hard on yourself re the photo, Ive got much worse ! , and your hair looks lovely! Good luck!

  • Awwww, I completely love you, thank you, that is so sweet. I've just eaten a small tin of mackerel in tomato sauce with a sweet potato and tomatoes and half an avocado. Wayyyy stinkier than expected but actually really tasty!! Would it be too rude to ask you about your journey? I'm new here so I'm sort of heartily floundering in the dark. I'm so pleased to emeet you though, thank you for replying.

  • My journey started in April, original goal to los 21lb, long story short I had an illness that made me prone to putting on weight and also told that I wouldn't be able to lose it! Went into self destruct mode a bit and ate all before me! Illness now cured 😀😀 so decided to get fit and healthy and here I am! I won't lie, it's been a struggle the weight loss has been slow, but what helped me in the early days was changing mindset, taking less notice of the scales and more of the fact that I was feeling so much better. This is a link to a post I did when I reached healthy BMI

    and this to a graph and my stats

    here's a post with shopping tips

    Hope all this helps, the forum is a great place, very supportive and helpful

    Good luck!

    Btw, your lunch sounds very nutritious!

  • Wow, you have done brilliantly well. congratulations!!! I had a pear for pud and a flat peach just now so God willing that should stave off the hunger. I'm going to support my friend at the shops while she looks for some new clothes for her lecturer's job starting soon. I will be wearing my 'junk food blinkers' hopefully and not looking at all the goodies on offer - just remembering they are like poison to me at the moment. I will try and follow in your footsteps knowing you have overcome tough stuff before me.

    Bless you, have a great weekend.


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