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Swimming away the icecream

I managed to swim before work this morning. Which is a good thing because although I cooked a healthy meal for the friend that came round last night, he brought icecream and we polished off a pot between the three of us. I couldn't be rude, now could I?

Anyway, so this means absolutely no treats this weekend, however cute the face my partner makes when we pass cafes with cakes. And however miserable and anxious I get about work, no piling on the rice and cereal. And definitely none of that dratted maple syrup that came back from DH's Canada trip.

Hope everyone else has a happy and healthy weekend!

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Well done for going swimming and cooking a healthy meal. Perhaps ask your friends to not bring stuff like ice cream with them, especially if they know you're trying to lose weight. I know, it is well meaning but it doesn't help! :P

There is a very good section on the NHS 12 week plan about just this sort of thing. It asks you to talk your friends and family and try to get them on side and if not then to politely get them to not offer you temptation...I THINK it's week 6 titled: RESIST PEER PRESSURE, perhaps if you have time you could have a read through it and get some tips. It's very good that you shared it though, instead of having too much ice-cream. It's okay to have the occasional treat but I don't think I am at the stage that I can just have a little bit so I just don't have anything like that until I feel I can control myself to not over self-indulge. :)

Sazkia x


Ah ha - that's a good tip, thanks Sazkia. I don't much mind about the friend. But I really have trouble with my husband. He's Brazilian and is crazy about sweet things. Eating together seems to make him so happy. I will show him this page you suggest.

It isn't my friend's fault anyway. When he asked what to bring, I said bring fruit salad or icecream for pudding. Partly I thought I would be able to resist icecream (I don't like it as much as most treats and my husband will polish it off quickly). But mainly I do have a problem with admitting to people outside my immediate family that I'm dieting. Maybe I'm a bit sensitive because I've been gluten intolerant for over 20 years and I know how much it pisses other people off when they find out. People can be really mean about it.


Aw, I'm sorry you think people would be mean about it. I have experienced the opposite, mostly. People have been really encouraging but what I find is strange is that the encouragement comes from people I am only acquainted with or are strangers to me. The exception to this is my house-mate, he is okay now, he's drove me to the gym and pool and stuck around and even walked my dog for me while he waits so he's been a big help that way and although he was a little stubborn at the beginning he's coming round slowly. :) He's not even moaned much when I order the shopping and haven't included cakes etc. In-fact, even though he won't admit it I have seen him looking at calorie/fat/sugar/salt info on the packaging of things he's about to eat. We're getting there! ;)

His parents are another matter, well mainly his mother. She's someone that is quite blunt (another word for her is RUDE) and she'll remark on mine and his weight and say how we need to lose weight then in the next breath tell her husband to go get the cakes and the kettle on and offer round chocolates while we wait. *sigh* She even does this when I tell her I am dieting and she'll smile and laugh while offering them to me. Oh, she's not a small lady either, she's actually big, probably bigger than me and Rich put together but we never state this to her and she had an injury not long ago, resulting in weeks of bed rest so she's got a bit bigger. I've invited her to go swimming with me but she declined. She did go swimming with her husband once a week before the accident and she was talking about re-starting that. Besides the swimming she doesn't seem interested in trying to lose the weight. Which would not be a problem if she didn't go on about other people and their weight. :P

I think getting your husband to read that section of the NHS 12 week plan is a very good idea and maybe have a little heart to heart with him explaining how important this is to you and how much you would love his support in this. Good luck. :D

Sazkia x


Good luck with sticking to your resolve this weekend.

Do not waver, you can do it!!!


Being a bit challenging here, but do you think that your lifestyle might be too linked to eating opportunities? Eg, when you mention your partner making a face when passing cafes with cakes, can't you walk somewhere where there isn't that sort of temptation? Can you ask your friend to look after the maple syrup for you so you don;t have it in the house shouting "eat me"? Could you have given yourself one dessertpoon of ice cream with a bit of fruit, and divide the rest up between your friends?

I mention all this, because I am one of those people (there are a lot of us) who looks for reasons to go off plan, so I am quite aware of how common it is. The fact is that there will always be impromptu outings, friends giving gifts, big birthdays and weddings etc, and if we use this as a reason for the entire week to go off kilter, we will always weigh more than we should.


Thanks for your comment. Yes I know this stuff.


Hi Trimtapir

Having to avoid gluten and put up with some people's negative reaction can be tough (I've been gluten free for many years). I've found that although I eat healthily most of the time, taking supplements seems to improve my physical health and lift my mood. Might be worth a try?



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