Can I share a problem? I'm stuck! My weight is going up and down between 79 and 82kg. I just can't seem to get over this! I am reducing sugars and alcohol, running more but nothing is shifting the weight. I have heard that it is common to get some belly fat that is hard to shift and I am wondering if this is my issue or perhaps it is in my genes?

What do you reckon?


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7 Replies

  • Currently I am 79.5kg. I was lower a year ago and I know what happened to put the weight back on but I've lost over the last two months just can't break through this barrier.

  • Have you taken your measurements. Sometimes they will move even when your weight doesn't. Your body will get used to what you are doing so tweaking things will always help. When I slow up I tend to increase my protein and that does the trick. Listen to your body. It will tell you what you need. Good luck

  • I don't know all your details PhilipMarc; is it worth torturing yourself over this? Health-wise it is much better to keep practising healthy behaviours, enjoying them and keeping a relatively stable weight, than keep yo-yo dieting.

    That said, you may benefit from some fine tuning. Are all the carbs you eat low Gi? Do you keep your fructose intake low? Do you avoid anomalies such as yoghurt and baked beans that spike insulin despite being low Gi? Do you keep your protein to a palm-size or less at most meals? Do you get twice as many of your calories from natural fat (including body-fat) compared to carbs? Do you eat real food or processed junk (alcohol is fermented sugar)?

    One or two weeks each month, increase your natural fat intake (in place of burning body-fat) to facilitate maintaining your weight, so that your body doesn't think it's starving and attempt to conserve energy.

  • Maybe you've hit your natural weight, I don't know your height or build, or maybe you've plateaued

  • I feel your pain as I have gone up and down through a 6 kilo band for a couple of years. For me, I notice the change in ease of shedding weight as my kids are older and I no longer have to carry them, put them in the car seat etc. I am less active and have the same appetite because I am still as tired! My lifestyle has change and so too my metabolism. Bottom line: I have to find a way of being satisfied with lower calorie foods. Am trying BSD recipes. Good luck. Hang in there.

  • Are you counting calories or what is your approach?

  • Hello,

    It is not in your genes! Please believe this, otherwise you will give up.

    Nobody ever emerged from a concentration camp fat, and presumably some of the poor people in those terrible places will have had fat genes, so please don't let yourself be sidetracked by the genes question.

    What I'd suggest is that you set yourself a fairly strict calorie allowance - say 1200 calories a day - and you weigh and measure abosutely everything you eat and drink. You might find that your portion sizes look rather pitiful, but on this sort of calorie allowance it is impossible not to lose weight, even if you lie in bed all day and do nothing. If you keep active, you should find you shift a couple of pounds a week.

    If the food looks a bit scanty, top up with portions of cooked low cal veg like broccoli, carrots, tomatoes and green beans, which will fill you up and contain very few calories.

    I hope this helps.

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