Overweight, embarrassed, scared, start of something new, something better!!

Hello, I' new to this, awfully scared! I am very overweight, dare I say obese! I am scared to address the situation or go to the doctors as I don't know what they'll find wrong with me or mock me for my weight! I am starting the 12week plan tomorrow, as I have had enough of a unhealthy lifestyle! Every pain/ache I feel, I get scared thinking I'm going to die due to my weight!! Does anyone else feel embarrassed or shy to go the doctors?!


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  • Hello. I sympathise with how you feel but please don't be afraid to go to your doctor. They most certainly won't mock you, but will probably be impressed that you are taking responsibility for your well being! Many, many people have weight issues, and the doctor will probably see plenty of people who have similar issues, and maybe they don't try to take responsibility. Just think that you are empowering yourself! It seems that you have anxiety around your health so why not tell your doctor? Be honest and I'm sure they will find lot's of positive ways to help and reassure you. x

  • Thank you!! for nearly 5 years (im 23 atm) I have struggled with my weight! I find it hard to go to the gym or doctors as I lack the confidence, I'm sacred il find something or embarrass myself and my family! That's the thing, I don't want to be diagnosed with anxiety, I've always bounced back in life, no matter the situation but recently it's getting worse, to the point I can't watch some to shows due to the thrill/suspense! Thank you sooooo much for your reply, it means a lot, I am hoping to see the doctor as its recommended to consult the doctor before any new weight loss plan! Thank you once again, it's nice to know there's someone out there who I can talk to without being judged!! 😊

  • Hanna_Kim, I am 52 and have been through very similar feelings to those you describe. It's taken me a lot of decades to feel comfortable in my skin, and deal with certain (not weight related) issues. Maybe your family generally get anxious about certain things? Don't be afraid to discuss things frankly with your doctor. If you usually bounce back, then I guess you are a strong person, but we all have our vulnerabilities. Don't worry about getting pigeon holed as an 'anxious' person, it sounds to me like you need to iron out a few worries and the doctor will be able to help you with that. Take heart, you will be ok! x

  • Stick with your resolve to see the doctor for a full MOT before starting on your weightloss journey.

    It is also useful to get your own measurements, such as your waist, thigh, chest and upper arm diameters. Also, find some jeans that don't fit you, but you once wore. All these will be useful ways to track your progress. I find that the lack of drop in the weight measurement on the scale can really be destructive and I have to encourage myself for my hard work by hauling old jeans or measuring my waist to remind myself of the progress.

  • You fantastic lady for taking full responability for yourself and your future xxxxx

  • I am obese-there I've said it! Recognising it is our first battle.I've just started with this plan and am finding this forum really helpful.I found my doctor very encouraging so don't be afraid to talk to yours.

  • I am also obese and have 5 stone to lose (since my heaviest I've already lost 21 lb). Don't be embarrassed/shy about anything. Speak with your doctor as they may be able to help you with some advice. I know my surgery recently had a notice up of a number to contact with help and advice on losing weight. Unfortunately the class was only throughout the day and I work but there is help there if you ask for it.

    Although I am still big I still go swimming and really do not care what other people think in all honesty although am initially nervous. I am what I am just now and I am definitely 'work in progress' as they say.

    Good luck with your journey.

  • i feel the same way but what did i plucked up the courage to see my GP and now i am joining a weight clinic its for 12 weeks they give you advice and they ask a few questions they weigh you and help you on the right track to losing weight they weigh every month and keep an eye on your weight you will recieve some vouchers on the second meeting to a slimming club for 12 weeks why don't you give it a go it's a start in the right direction let me know how you get on good luck freya.

  • I wish you luck on your weight loss journey. Do this and make yourself proud. You go girl :)

  • Hi I am glad you have made the decision to visit your GP first also admitting to yourself about your weight issue that is how we all found this fantastic supportive site to which you are a part of too.

    Everyone here will give you the support and encouragement you need and as you loose weight you too will have valuable advice to offer us all and further newbies to the forum.

    My daughters friend suffers from anxiousness and she is absolutely beautiful, tall and slender but her own worst enemy as all her friends try to see her, ask her out, sometimes she won't even communicate with them once this lasted a year.

    Battling anything takes a brave person you are that person you have already made the decision to change and change you will. Be active on here talk to us all about how you are doing, what advice you need, give advice back to others, because now you are on the up and as you feel lighter and fitter I think your confidence will blossom and the world will seem a better place that's how I feel and I have a lot to loose I am on week 14 now so just over 3 months and truly cannot believe how much better I feel. Give yourself small goals maybe to loose half a stone by the end of September which can be done easily or to get a fitness tracker and up your walking maybe add a little exercise in and if you don't want to go to a gym like me you tube has so many on to do at home.

    You can do this, we all can because we are in full control of ourselves, we are responsible for ourselves no one else is and with support from this forum friends and family we are half way there.

    Good Luck Hanna 👍 keep us posted how you are doing Bev

  • I was really embarrassed about my shape. It is so easy to put off. Please do not look at the the big picture just a day at a time. As your weight falls your confidence will increase. Look to the positives you have done it now. You have made your mind up that you are going to change the way you are and the way you feel about yourself. Good luck. It won't take long before you start to notice a difference and have more energy. I really wish you well 😊

  • Just want to say good luck and well done on taking the decision to get fit. It gets easier once you get into the rhythm and habit of it and it is fun planning nice healthy food.

    Love yourself and treat your health as a really healthy project to enjoy! x

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