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Urgh..... just spent 15 min typing a post only to lose all of it, well here goes.... this week I prepped all my lunch time meals and breakfasts. At tea I made sure to measure out all my portions. I sometimes think that it is a lot of food.

I have 35kg to lose and my worse enemy has been me not admitting to myself that I need to lose the weight....

The fact that I have now taken the most important step to deal with it is good..... I think that in making a choice to do something about it means that you are now doing something for yourself.... which in its self is hard with a six year old as we always end up putting our children and the rest of the family first.....

I started this week after a long waste of time and regret not starting it sooner.

I have read many inspiring posts here and know in my heart that now is the time to make the change and to be realistic to myself.

In going through this I started doing workout sessions and I feel better but I am dreading going for a run as I am self concious.... any advice?

Oh and missing a glass of wine terribly but have not gone down that route... decided to keep the bubbly cold till I can do a reward for a definite weight loss goal.

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Hi Pringles,

Well done you on starting your weight loss journey, like you say, this is for YOU BY YOU and do not regret starting earlier, just pat yourself on the back that you have started now.

Re the running, take a look at the couch to 5K programme, it is a 9 week course which gets you running 30 minutes by the end of the 9 weeks (some people take a bit longer but you will judge for yourself as you progress).

Please do not feel self conscious about being "out there" exercising, you will find that if people do look at you it is normally with envy as that is what they would like to be doing/achieving.

Go for it and if you lose 2 lb in a week, treat yourself to a glass of wine xx

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