Boxercise TAKE 2!

Hi All!

I went back for my weekly boxercise class, loved it! :D I had great fun, worked up a huge sweat (I know, attractive - ROAR! ;) Ha) and I realised I could do almost all the exercises (unlike last week) and I know my punching has improved to the extent my spar partner said I did brilliantly! My stamina is better too! All this in two weeks!!!

Sazkia x

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  • This is definitely your exercise Sazkia because I can feel the positivity in your post. Heaps better than that other class that you went to. Lovely to know how good you are feeling. Xx

  • Thanks! :D I really love going to boxercise, it just feels right and I have loads of fun! :D Oh yes, loads better than the other class! ;)

    Sazkia x

  • Definitely loads better. Xx

  • Great news go girl.

  • Thank you! :D

    I've found the love for exercise I haven't had in years! ;)

    Sazkia x

  • Hope you send these good exercise vibes to me!!

  • Ha ha if that's possible then sure! :D I wish you could come to one of my classes, we'd have a blast! :D

    Sazkia x

  • Oh that's good - 😥 brilliant. Well did she or didn't she turn up for class 😨I know that you were hesitant. ☺

  • No, she was not there but I was really nervous while I was waiting for class to begin and then I started to relax as we started because it meant she wasn't going to turn up ha! :P

    I was a little disappointed that the girl who I trained with last week (for boxercise, not boxfit) didn't turn up because last week she said I had to turn up so we could partner up again as we were both new but she wasn't there either. :( It was alright in the end though because I teamed up with someone else who was really nice too. They all seem to be lovely at boxercise, unlike the ones at boxfit on Tuesday!

    Sazkia x

  • Oh so glad you enjoyed yourself 👍

  • Brilliant its nice when you find something you enjoy and at least you had an enjoyable time unlike last time, keep at it and those pounds will be melting away. 😊👍

  • Thank you. :D It was boxfit I didn't enjoy because of a certain individual. I have enjoyed the two sessions of boxercise I have done so far. :D

  • Oh I didn't realise the 2 different sports, I will have to google to see what each one is, I know my son's girlfriend does boxersize.

  • It's two different classes that incorporate boxing techniques. I have attended one boxfit class on Tuesday; I enjoyed the class, just not the individual I was told to partner up with, whose behaviour ruined the experience for me.

    Boxercise is a Thursday class, ran by a different instructor, that I have attended twice. This class is very different in size (loads more people attend) and the atmosphere is more friendly and no one takes themselves too seriously. Everyone is very supportive of each other and are genuinely happy for others' successes.

  • Oh I see, glad the Thursday class is nice and friendly then it is always better when you are in a friendly group. 😊

  • Well done sazkia,

    You are doing so much hard work.

    Keep it up.

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