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Success breeds success

Last week I was despondent because despite making a lot of effort the scales seemed stuck. I had a long weekend away and despite having lots of meals out did everything I could to eat well and walk.

Great joy to find a small loss of .4kg which has invigorated me and spured me on to add a 30 min circuit of the park in my lunch hour and keep going on the food counting.

Thanks for encouragement of the daily blog. It helps to be a part of a community working on similar goals.

Let your small victories lead to a healthier lifestyle and more consistent self-control.


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Well done and so true!


You have the right mind-set at the moment and hopefully will soon start to see some results. Well done for not letting your weekend away undo all your hard work!


Well done! I hope you're really enjoying getting fit, it really does help! Keep up the good work, you're doing brilliantly! ;)

Sazkia x


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