Not happy

I started this plan last week and have worked really hard to stick to my calorie goals and have exercised. At my weigh in this morning I have only list 1lb, I feel so disheartened 😒


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  • Hi Cheryl

    Don't be hard on yourself a pound off is better than a pound on. Rejoice at your achievement -well done.πŸ‘

    You must remember it didn't take you a week to put the weight on and it won't take you a week to lose it.

    The bigger is 1lb every week will be 52lbs a year.😊

    Your loss may be slower if you haven't a lot to lose.

    Be proud of yourself. Your hard work may pay off on your next weigh in -sometimes it happens that way.

    Some people lose inches but don't actually have any weight loss. We are all different.


  • But its a pound gone forever, not a pound added. One pound a week will be nearly 4 stone this time next year. Xx

  • Please don't be disheartened, I used to feel like that, but as others have said, a pound loss is good, think of 2 slabs of lard! The pounds add up, week by week, and yes, sometimes there is a delayed reaction, so just keep going and you will succeed!

  • A pound a week is a good loss - I'd be well chuffed with a pound per week. What kind of exercise are you doing? I'm into my 9th week on the plan and so far have lost about 5 pounds with another nine to lose, I'm running 5K three times a week and doing strength training on my run days. I'm drinking more water than I used to and having between 6 and 7 fruit and veg daily. I may not have lost lots of weight but the trend is downward - not up, plus I feel really fit. When I started nine weeks ago I viewed this as a long term project - I'm at the point of seeing this as a 'forever' if I could just learn to unlove Belgium beer...

  • Thank you for replying, I am circuit training, walking to and from work, which is about 25 mins each way and running 2 times a week for about 4miles. I definitely feel better in myself but was expecting a bigger loss.

  • Don't feel too down. Not everyone has a big loss at the beginning. And one pound is still a good loss, it all builds up πŸ‘

    Are you weighing all your food?

  • Don't be disheartened we all reach these numbers sometimes at one of my weigh ins I had only lost 1lb and upped my exercise so I left weighing for 2 weeks and carried on next weigh in I had lost 5lb. The body is always adjusting itself sometimes we need to be patient other times change what we are doing but with perseverance you will get there. Imagine how you would have felt if it had been 1 pound on.

    Just checking do you weigh on the same set of scales, in the same place, around the same time? As these things can sometimes give us different readings.

    Best wishes Bev

  • Yes I do itsbab. Thank you for your comments it's Deffo helped x

  • Hi Cheryl241299 πŸ˜€

    Woop woop pom poms waving youve lost a lb !!! πŸŽ‰πŸ˜†πŸ‘πŸ‘

    You should feel chuffed not down but i understand your frustration πŸ€” our bodies are funny things and can take time to adjust to a new regime πŸ’—

    Take measurements waist, tummy, arms, legs, hips. You'll be surprised how these measurements change but your weight doesn't.

    Good luck. Onwards and downwards to the next lb .... they all add up 😁

    Claire x

  • Cheer up a pound lost is better than a pound gained your headed in the right direction 😁 and we'll done πŸ‘

  • Hey Cheryl! You did well! Keep in there. You do say you feel much healthier so revel in that. It's the most important benefit of the changes you are making. The others have lovely comments and I only have a couple of consoling thoughts to add:

    In my own case, sometimes when I start doing a lot of exercise I don't lose the weight straight away. I seem to retain water when my muscles are sore I think. I often lose it the week *after* a big exercise spree.

    I suspect that as women get older, the weight changes are more gradual. So if you used to lose weight faster when you are younger, that's the explanation. It's annoying but normal. But get your GP to check your thyroid gland is working ok. That's a relatively common problem that's worth checking out because it's easy to address.

  • I am 42 now so the weight does seem to take longer to come off. I have been border line for my thyroid a couple of times but on repeat testing alwYs seems to come back ok. Thank you for your advice

  • Thank you everybody for your comments, they have definitely keep me the inspiration to keep going

  • I found that in the beginning when I started exercising my body held onto water... so I needed to drink more water to release it. I also find that if I do not drink enough water I wont lost anything, no matter how hard my efforts. Another thing.. If you're counting every single calorie, every single day... try taking ONE day to eat over your limit. I usually do this the after I weigh in. It's a way of tricking your body into burning more... Give it a shot.

    ... Oh, And I'm down over 45 pounds in 8 months using this method. :) If I can do it... YOU can do it!

  • I definitely will give it a shot. Thank you

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