Recipe slight of hand

I have just been browsing the web looking for some healthy recipes in general and moussaka in particular. One of the things I noticed was that they were full of 'usual' recipes but they had simply altered the portion size from 4 to 6 or more and then claiming it as low cal and healthy. Neither of which is an out right lie.

Shear laziness! So ladies and gents. We don't need diet books and diet recipes just divide your usual recipe by 6 , freeze the extra portion and top up with veg or have a soup or salad starter.

However this does not work with a pork chop :)


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5 Replies

  • If you like moussaka try Jamie Olivers beautiful veggie moussaka, it is a real treat and a normal size portion is just 353 kcal.

  • Ooh I love moussaka and have Jamie Olivers book so will go and have a look thanks for the tip

  • That's exactly the same practice as "healthy" ready meals, they're just half the size of a normal meal :)

    Have you looked at our own recipe collection in the Pinned Posts, especially Lowcal's moussaka? :)

  • Wise words. Xx

  • Great advice thanks for sharing it Have a good day

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