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How many calories you burn??

Hi everyone,

Hope you all are doing great. Working hard to lose the unwanted weight, including me.

In my everyday walk or run of 35 to 40 minutes I burn 300 calories I want to increase them.Is this normal range?

But I have a little problem with my knee don't want to increase intensity anyhow.

How many calories you burn during your exercises, any ideas or calculation?

Thanks for reading.

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Try not to get too obsessive with your exercise Awan. By all means, exercise for health and well-being, but don't rely on it for weight loss. They say you can't out run/exercise a bad diet :)

If you eat and exercise wisely, then you'll lose the weight and feel fitter. If you push yourself too hard, too fast, you'll likely end up with an injury that will take you out of action altogether and make you feel horrible.

Because most of my exercise is done outside, with no gadgetry, I have absolutely no idea how many calories I'm supposed to be burning and I don't really care. I do it because I want to and because it makes me feel good :)

Keep up the great work, but have FUN!! :)


Thanks Moreless,

I really appreciate your way of thinking. I even never bother about calories before that NHS plan . Not to bother again as it's quite confusing for me.

No worries anymore about calories just keep hardworking on steady pace not to rush.

Make it a regular habit and healthy eating of course, otherwise no gain.

I am more clear now.

Thanks for great advice, you are like my mum's age . I like to take advice from you.

You are pointing me to the right way as you did before for stretching.

Bless you.


Bless you too Awan, you're very sweet :)

I'm honoured to be thought of as a surrogate mum and as such am very excited to see how you progress :)

Keep going, you're doing brilliantly! :)


Hi I am sorry but I too don't bother looking to see how many calories I burn off during exercise I am more interested in walking more to start with so look at my Km's/steps more. Please be careful with the knee just do enough to raise your heart rate and fat burn.

I do hope I have burnt off lots of calories today as I have been moving slabs and laying a new garden path with my husband who yet has to realise he is married to a woman and not ' One of the guy's' lol

Hope you are seeing or feeling some positive results from your hard work.👍


Thanks Itsbab,

Gardening is demanding and making a new path or pavement is more difficult.

Good luck, you definitely have done so much for today, have rest now.

Have nice new journey for weigh loss, as u started again the 12 week plan.

Seeing for your more progress.


When we start trying to lose weight we all worry about getting hungry, so it is a real temptation to "eat back" our exercise calories just to have more food !

That may be fine for some, but when I got within 10 lbs of my final target weight, I was advised to keep within my eating calories ( at that time 1200 a day) and to only think of exercise as a " keep fit bonus ". It worked !!

Having said that, although I reached my desired weight and dress size, I do wish now that Id got into strength training exercise early on, it would have boosted my metabolism and toned me up a bit. That aspect is harder ( if not impossible) once the weight is lost and the skin is saggy 😕😕

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Thanks ellibath,

I like your opinion. We learn a lot from other's experiences. So you shared your own experience of what was useful for you so it make sense to me.

Keep your strength exercises up they will help in toning of sagged skin.


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I agree with this. Weight loss is 90% about what you do and don't eat and how you control your portions. Exercise is the cherry on the cake, to use an unfortunate metaphor, which might help you shioft a tiny bit more weight each week, but it's main benefits are for overall health, so you can get best use out of your new shape.

I also agree that the older you get the more important toning seems to be, to keep you in a reasonably firm shape and keep your strength up.

I think that at any and all ages a flabby person never looks as good as a toned person of the same height and weight, so it's worth us all doing our exercises, whatever age we are, because we can improve ourselves, even if we'll never be 20 again!

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I agree 70% role is of our diet what and how much we eat , and 30% is our exercise.

We can't depend only on exercise at all main thing is to control the portion and eat healthy.

No sagging is not avoidable at old age but it can be controlled to some extent.

So we should keep trying for weight lose as well as toning.

Thank you very much for your opinion.

Best of luck.


Last week I calculated how many cals I burn during a 30 min walk. After taking out the calories I would have burned anyway, just by lying on the bed for 30 min, the walk came out only 70 cals. It's not much, and I must concentrate on my diet for weight loss.

It takes 30 min to walk to a park I frequent. There are exercise machines in that park, and I usually do 160 reps on my favourite machine. Add that to the walk, and maybe about 100 cals have been burned. Then I usually do my short intervals, and I believe this running might burn another 100 cals.

I don't think about it too much when I go out to exercise, but sometimes it is nice to think that "Today I have burned 200 calories that will contribute to weight loss".

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Good I was just thinking in the same way,that how many I burn today. Just a quick idea not always bother that I have to burn that much calories at every cost . No looking at my stamina and strength but slowly increase time it would be more beneficial.

Keep your good work up.



I exercise regularly, most days , as it makes me feel good. I've found it's a great boost for the feel good factor.

all the best

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I walk about 40- 60 minutes most days, and the way I see it is that while I'm out walking I'm not stuffing my face ... apart from maybe a long-lasting Werthers sweet which is my little indulgence!

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