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Dreaming sausage roll and chips??? :-?


I am probably completely losing my mind ... I knew I would have been hungry and felt like I was starving (running and try to lose weight is something I have always found very challenging as my body doesn't react well to calories deficit... but in the last couple of days I have increasingly been thinking about sausage rolls and chunky chips... Ok, I have been on a healthy diet for 4 weeks, but I did go to Italy for 2 weeks and I had great food (controlled portions, but great food :)

sausage rolls and chips ... I could lose my Italian passport over this ;)

I have never had cravings before, how do you keep them under control? any idea wellcome, I do not want to waste a good start in my journey to lose the extra weight I am carrying around :)

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lol! I think you have broken MY dream! Pastry has always been a weakness of mine, and the saying 'a little of what you fancy does you good' springs to mind! I should probably be dissuading you from going with your craving, but looking back in my food diary, on 13th July I had a mini sausage roll, 60g cooked weight of chunky chips and 100g low sugar/salt baked beans - 405 calories and it didn't do me any harm 😊

radioactiveblue100 pounds

I either just have it (if I think it's a one off and I'll be satisfied with having it once) or make a healthy alternative. Sausage roll and chips sounds like something you could make a fairly healthy and portion controlled version of :)

VickyDLM2 stone in reply to radioactiveblue

I find with sausage rolls that the only kind that are edible are the homemade kind. I thought I didn't like them until the first time the cook at the nursing home I worked at made them for Christmas! :)

I'm now hooked, but don't often have the motivation to make sausage rolls so it kind of keeps me from having them too often. :D

I use the 3 day rule: I resist temptation for two days. If it still haunts me bad on third day, I'll have it. Today I had a Sandy with some caramel sauce topping, having resisted for two days. It was a very tasty 228 calories, and it did'nt ruin my day. So I was in Burger King, but I certainly would not touch the burgers, they are too calorific. For example Big King XXL is 1003 calories.


I dream of cakes - lots of varieties! No idea why because I'm more of a savoury person but in my dream these are the tastiest cakes EVER! I wake up and want to spend the day in the kitchen making them lol! I don't think you're mad though!! ;)


It's not a problem at all ,its very common with us if trying to lose weight can't eat lots of our favourite things which are not healthy. But you should eat them if you are dreaming for them, haha.... In acontrolled portion though.

A couple of weeks before I ate about more than 250gms of homemade plum jam but it didn't done anything to my weight as I increased my exercise.

So you try this as well. No harm .

Best of luck.

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