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Tummy troubles....


Im Liz, 43 years old. 5 foot 10 and almost 18 stone!!!

I carry my weight around my middle. Having 3 kids has not helped my bulge - I never lost my baby weight and just piled more on each time. My youngest is 6 and I really have decided to do something about it.

It appears my stomach muscles are still apart - if I do a sit up, I have an "alien" popping out of my tummy where the muscles should be together.

Also, can I ask a question? When I sit down, I can grab handfuls of flab but when I stand up, not so much. Is this normal? However much I pull mu tummy in, it still bulges out from beneath my boobs.

I am determined to get down to 11 stone.


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Hi Liz and welcome to the forum. We look out for each other here and someone will always be here for you when you need it most. Xx. Have you ever had a health professional check your tummy muscles? It's just that if you are hoping to up your exercise levels over the 12 weeks you don't want to hurt yourself. Sorry, not trying to be miserable, just concerned that you get off to the best possible start. Xx

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Hello, no, no one has checked my tummy. I have googled and I think it's called diastasic recti?

My gp thinks im neurotic at the best of times!



I'm sure you are not neurotic. Good luck with the healthy eating and some gentle exercise to start. Xx


Thank you for the support!

It means a lot xx

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I too gained weight with each baby but my youngest us 21!!! Lol 😊 No longer an excuse!! Hehe

Check out the newbies post and also work out your BMR and target calorie allowance 😊 Sign up for the NHS 12 week plan and you get weekly emails support 😊

there aren't many mothers who don't have a bit of a tummy, but weight loss will help, 😊 If you are worried speak to the nurse rather than GP or see a different GP 😊

Good luck

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Swimming is an excellent way to start firming those muscles up, and your kids will love to join you too! Childbirth puts a fair bit of strain on a woman's body, but given time, you will get stronger. Work on the healthy eating too, as fewer carbohydrates will reduce a tendency to "bloat" and retain fluid, which will help the belly size. Drink plenty of water or fruit tea rather than fizzy drinks to keep you feeling full and look up recipes online to find interesting and different ways to serve fruit and vegetables. Go cycling with the children too if you can - burns of lots of calories and strengthens your muscles. It is great you are feeling positive; hang on that feeling!

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Hi, not being a parent myself, I am no expert on the aftermath of having a baby - but could your separated muscles possibly be a hernia? It might be worth getting it all checked out with the doctor before upping your exercise.

I think it is probably normal to feel your spare tyre more in some positions than others - if I lie down I look quite slim, but standing up I have a sizeable tummy on display, unfortunately! The point is, though, that even if you can't see it, it is still there and it would be better to get rid of it.

While we can tone muscle, we can't tone fat, it just sits there or can be burnt off, of course, if you stick to a weight loss diet. If you lose weight your tummy will inevitably get smaller, but you may also find you need to do some tummy exercises to make it look its best.

Good luck!

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Thank you, I never thought about a hernia. Will check with the GP xx


Hi Liz good luck! I too am very similar although only one child! I haven't started by journey yet...just building up to it...will start next week. I took want to lost 5-6 stone...ideally by July 2017 .... a bit overwhelmed with all the dieting contradictions out there. With every diet I get heavier!! I've done them all, and failed at them all....initially losing around 1/2 stone and then failure.

Many years ago I successfully lost doing my own version of Rosemary Conley's diet but I was very motivated...how can i get the motivation back again?

Got a big holiday to USA to look forward to next year and don't want to go like this...however, how can i turn this into motivation?????


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