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Going for Gold..... Going for Weight Goal(d) Olympics made me think:)

Ok here's what I think. We losers:) are very lucky. These athletes have to work very, very hard day in and day out and only have that one chance every four years to be successful. We can be successful everyday if we did our exercise, and counted our calories. If we go a little bit off the road a little, we only have to start a new day to be a successful goal(d) winner again the next day. How lucky is that!!

Today I went to the gym and swam along with my two grandsons. They do have a lot of energy at this age. For an hour I had to swim, tread water, dive and run along with them fromt he one sideof the pool to the other. I had thought to join the aquarobic class after that, but decided that I had done my bit today on the calorie output.

In any case I had to get ready for my Health Check at my local surgery that I was invited to attend, seeing that this was my birthday month. The check that I have not done in the last 10 years (hanging my head in shame:().

As I mentioned I have not done this before, so what was my surprise when I got to the surgery just to be told that I had not done any blood tests ahead of this appointment , they were very sorry that they did not let me know about this and thus they could not do the Health Check. So they took some blood and I will now find out what this Health Check is all about when I go again in a week's time. Positive side to this is that I could be down another kilo by the time they set the wheels in motion hehe:)

Here's to getting another goal(d) in the race to be a healthy BMI!:)

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You're totally right... watching the cycling this evening made me get on my exercise bike ( been used as a clothes airer for 9 months) I did 10 mins and was completely shattered...burned off 144 calories and cycled 5km though so am very proud of myself :-)

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Yes Wendy_trumpet, Me and hubby sat up to watch the cycling as well (until 2 in the morning can you believe!) It was sooo exciting and nerve wrecking, but hey it was worth it. So here's to another gold for you getting on your bike and cycling 5km.... keep cycling:)

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