Just Downloaded the Weight Loss Plan

I had my first weigh in this monday so plan to start on the plan in my first full week here.

In the meantime it looks like there is a fair bit of reading up to do.

Thankfully I am on a gluten free regime and combined with most gluten free substitutes I have tried being totally gross I am not prone to snacking on cakes. biscuits, pies and similar foods

Getting to enjoy fat free yoghurt :)

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  • Hi GosportNancy,

    Enjoy your first week and the yogurt 😃


  • Good luck on your fist week

    Pam x

  • Good luck! You are obviously clued up on reading labels. My gluten free friends eat lots of nuts, fruit and keep up their protein with lean meat, eggs cheese and yogurts 😊 If you check calorie content fat free ones aren't always that much lower calorie 😕 I prefer smaller portion of full fat 😊

    Good lucj

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