New start healthier me Day 1

New start healthier me Day 1

Ho hum...... Eat fairly healthy all day, but spoilt it on mini binge after tea (evening mea). 3 slices fruity bread+butter, 2 SW hi fi bars and a pot of choc mousse. Why I do not know. Habit I guess. After tea (no matter what I've eaten) is my danger time. I can eat more calories, syns after tea than at any other time during the day. I work 8am till 4:30pm, eat healthy breakfast and lunch and usually a healthy tea but then I overeat, usually cereal, biscuits if we have them in, toast and stuff like that. Having something ready dies nit always help cos once I start snacking I can't stop. I even send my hubby out for goodies, tho he says NO these days!!

Am going to try my best to limit evening snacking.


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7 Replies

  • Keep strong just make sugar free jelly with fruit in I find that helps and stops me eating bad things

    Good luck tomorrow x

  • Tomorrow is another day so try again just don't give up..i am just the same as you so totally understand. Try fruit yoghurt with fresh berries, you will feel better for it.

    Good luck


  • It sounds as if evening is your danger time, just like me, when you can potentially undo a day's hard work. I find that going on the forum serves as a brilliant distraction from nibbling. Brushing teeth, a face mask and/or painting nails make eating more difficult. Xx Keep going Catsbd1 xx

  • yes if you eat after 8pm it will lay on your stomach i would try snacking on fruit or peanuts and try going for a walk around 9pm ish if you can

  • Do you have a bed time snack with protein and some carbs. Catsbd1?

  • Evening is my danger time too. It's when I'm tired. You may do these things already but I find it helps to :

    Stay hydrated. Squeeze lemon or lime into cold water and keep cool in big thermos/in fridge. This can take the edge off hunger and cravings and it makes you feel virtuous!

    Try limiting starchy carbs at dinner (which can make you more hungry later) and the carbs you do eat make them slow release carbs such as a small portion of brown basmati rice, or a small roast sweet potato. Avoid white potato, white rice, white pasta etc.

    Make sure at dinner you eat enough protein and a little fat, as these two things stay in your stomach longer.

    It is hard though, I understand. I use food as a crutch sometimes, and it's hard to find other ways to feel better.

    Wishing you the best of luck. Xx

  • Lots if good advice there 😊 Evening nibbling is a habit that is hard to break but with time and practice you will😊 Good luck

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