Evening everyone

Can anybody help my hubby is doing the healthy eating plan with me to say he is a nightmare is an understatement ,lol

What can I give him for lunch

Breakki is normally egg on one slice of toast with toms and mushrooms

Now here is the problem he does not like rice pasta of any kind he say salad is not enough for him fruit is ok but not filling , what he would like is sandwiches But I'd he has bread for breakki , sandwiches for lunch and his normal meat potatoes and veg for the evening , is he having to many carbs ,

It's driving me mad !!! Oh and not a great soup lover

Please help I'm turning grey overnight lol

Pam x


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25 Replies

  • If he had an omlete for breakfast he could have the bread at lunchtime.

  • Thank you very much that's a great help x

  • Hi Pamed

    I have bread twice a day out of my healthy eating allowance.

    Been healthy eating now for just 6 weeks and already lost 12lbs with little effort and no big changes. Just make sensible choices - but I don't always we all hAve a trest now and again.

    I am working on 1500 calories per day but often have 2-300 left per day. It's working currently but I am aware I may need to adjust along the way.

    You just need to look at portion size and look for the hidden sugars fats etc. And how you cook them is also important.

    I have bought a George Forman from Argos reduced from 48 pound to 17.50 (I think) it's been a godsend bacon steak fish chicken etc - no added fats.

    Remember this is for life therfore healthy eating not a diet. As people keep thankfully reminding us tortoise not hare and the one I keep repeating as a mantra "it's not a sprint it's a marathon" it has to be a change for life therfore it is sustainable.

    My husband has lost 6lbs and the difference is as an example tonight we had new potatoes he put lurpack butter on his new potatoes I didn't - but I still had the potatoes.little changes all add up.

  • Very sensible response, well done on making those changes. x

  • Thanks ☺

  • Thanks trulylumptious that's a great help , we have been good I just did not know if he was having to much bread and potatoes he does not go over his calories but he is a fussy eater lol

    Hope you have a good week x

  • Hi Pamed

    thank you for your post. I have never in my life been on a diet so I am not an expert by any means.

    The way my brain works is Nothing is off limits. If it was off limits then I would want it even more - a bit of reverse psychology. 👍it works for me but appreciate it's not for everybody.

    Take the pressure off and relax into your healthy eating plan.

    Have a good week 😀

  • Thanks trulylumptious I think I have been on every diet u dear the sun lol , I keep calling this one a diet but I mean the healthy eating plan ,

    Had a biscuit tonight but still in my calories first time I cheated grr never mind back to being good tomorrow

    Pam xx

  • Depending on his height and weight he should be eating at least 200g of carbohydrate a day , enough for breakfast lunch and dinner 😕 Overall calories is what matters 😊 Good luck

  • Thanks Anna ,

    He never goes over his calories , just trying to find variety for him

    Hope you have a good week xx

  • Carbs aren't bad for us and we need them. As long as he's in his calorie allowance he should be fine. I know some people really need their carbs, I feel ill if I don't eat enough of them! Salads just don't do it for me but i eat plenty of fruit and veg and try to make good food choices but if I start seeing carbs as bad then it won't work, especially as I enjoy carb foods anyway.

    Good sensible diet and plenty of exercise, making sure to drink plenty of water and he'll go far!

  • Brilliant sazkia

    I was just a bit worried he was having to many carbs ,he does a manual job so does really need carbs , but that is good advice he never goes over his calories and is loosing weight

    Thank you for your advice I will take it all on board


  • It's okay. :)

  • Beans,fish, chickpea,vegetables and fruits are at top of my choices.

    Add more protein than carbohydrates he will feel more satisfied.

    Give him water a glass after every hour, I feel water helps to keep the hunger at bay.

    Hope it can help.

  • Thanks Alli

    I will do my best to get him to eat fish but it's a hard task lol he is a Gardner and farmer so he uses a lot of energy so I know where he is coming from , he is just a plain meat veg and potatoe man , he does eat fruit and has a good lot of veg , so we are getting there not that much weight to loose and he is loosing it just trying to give him a variety .

    Men are worse tha kids sometimes lol

    Thank you all for your help much appreciated xx

  • Where does he stand with porridge? If he would have that for breakfast he could have the egg, tomatos and mushrooms on toast for lunch? Maybe? Xx

  • Haha I wish he does not like porridge slim pickings he is worse than my grandkids lolxx

  • I knew you were going to say that!!

  • They are a pain in the but Grrr lol never mind I shall a le him do it

    Thanks slim pickings xx

  • This is going to have to be a covert and undercover operation just like mums do with fussy kids. Turkey mince and sweet potato shepherds pie with extra veg conceiled. Say nothing and see if he eats it. Failing that, the hairy bikers diet book is good for recipes you know but healthier versions. Xx

  • Slim pickings I like that the undercover operation , never though of the hairy bikers cook book , I will look on Amazon now and see if I can find one

    Thanks again love great help xx

  • Slim picking

    I have just bought one of the hairy bikers books thanks for all your help , can't wait for it to come

    Have a good day tomorrow


  • Thanks, you too. Xx

  • Does he like eggs? They are great breakfast food, bacon ok if no too much fat, 😊 Hehehe I laugh at the thought of the undercover operation in your house!! Lol 😂

  • Hi Anna

    Yes he likes eggs so I'm on a winner there lol can't wait for the cook book to arrive yey hopefuls I will be able to sneak a few things in the food ,

    Men who would have them Lol. Xx

    Pam x

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