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Got my CS referral!!


Went to the doctors today to get another referral for my legs - he agreed - and now I am totally excited!!

My CS (compartment syndrome) has been getting worse to a point I can't even walk over a certain speed or up a small incline without being in burning agony. So, even though I know it will be super painful initially, I know it will be worth it!!! So looking forward to it!!

Treatment involves having probes stuck in the muscles in my calves and making me walk/run to test whether they are being restricted. Then if it turns out they are being restricted, I will need surgery to cut open the muscle compartment so my muscles can expand properly and restore blood flow (as my feet go numb as well, because the blood is being restricted in my legs).

It's a scary prospect and probably really weird looking forward to the prospect of surgery, but I really want to start up running again, which hopefully, this will allow!! And even just to be able to walk normally and pain free.

Just needed to get that out :D

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Woohoo Plum, fantastic news!! I'm so pleased for you! :)


I don't think it's weird at all! As it's probably not so much the idea of surgery that has you excited but being on the road to recovery.

Fantastic news! :D


Great to get the referral, hope it's not too long to wait 😊


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