Positive Mental Attitude

Positive Mental Attitude

I am 22st 4lbs, I take a size 28 in most clothes, I wear a 44H bra, I have size 8 feet and I have a 54inch waist but these are only my physicalities. I am more than weights and measurements. This is my "before" weight loss picture but it is my "after" pma picture. Just over 12 months ago I wasn't good enough, for nice jewelry, to look pretty, to eat nice food, to have anything I wanted for me. Now I am comfortable with who and what I am. I haven't dropped the 10 stone that I want to yet to become healthy but what I have lost has felt like a great deal more weight in my mind. Lets see your before and after pma's as well as weight loss pics. Everyone deserves to feel beautiful and worthy of a good healthy life x x x x


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25 Replies

  • What's PMA?

  • Ohh just seen what PMA us, silly me. X

  • Hi ,

    You looking very nice. Does not matter how you felt before but now u have positive thinking and determined to lose ,so you will be able to do it.

    Keep your handwork up and regular.

    Best of luck.

  • Hi Crimson85j, I'm so pleased for you that you have joined this forum. You have such a positive attitude that I'm sure you can achieve your targets. I also have a lot (10+ stone) to lose, that seems too far away at the moment, so I have set my first target at 10% weight loss. The 12 week plan is a really good sensible way to lose weight, and the help and support from this forum is amazing. You are beautiful, you are worthy, and when you start losing weight we will all be supporting you every step of the way. xxx

  • Crimson, I could give you a big kiss! Where were you when I needed you 45 years ago! :)

    I'm shouting, cheering, clapping, waving my pom poms at every word you've written and your absolutely stunning photo! YOU ARE A STAR!!!

    Thank you so much for this post, I'd like your permission to put it into the Welcome Newbie thread, because I believe every newbie should read this and a large number of the oldies too! :)

  • Yes thats fine moreless. I just think that no matter what the scale says change comes from within. You can't let the numbers or the past hold you back, just move forward one moment at a time x x

  • Thanks Crimson, I couldn't agree more :)

  • Amen, Sista!!! You are amazing and beautiful and on a journey of becoming a healthier amazing and beautiful you xx Really well done. xx You are an inspiration.

  • Welcome Crimson, you're absolutely right this is so much about Positive Mental Attitude. You look fab in your pic, I don't have before photos like this and I wish I did. I really hated the camera. Nice jewellery, hair, new music to listen to, activities and hobbies all help us feel better and don't need to remind us about weight/size/self-esteem issues. These are all great ways to reward ourselves too to keep the positivity going along the journey. Good luck with getting started, maybe set an initial goal of 5%, 1 stone, or see what happens over 12 weeks by following the NHS 12 week plan. Whatever you do, enjoy yourself and keep feeling brilliant :)

  • Hi Crimson85j, You are just what I needed today, a very big thank you. After my day yesterday at the hospital I still feel let down and annoyed because I felt all my hard work so far was dismissed by a comment made to me. You look lovely in your picture and yes I will put a picture up of me taken yesterday. I too need to lose 10 stone plus and like you felt good about what I've done so far. Thanks for your inspirational post, very much needed here today.


  • What a gorgeous picture! Oozing PMA :-) ive lots to lose and have struggled to keep a PMA but today things changed your post is cementing what I've begun to feel..... I had a weigh in and this week id lost two thirds of a pound. Instead of being disappointed I smiled and to be honest inside I was dancing! heehee ...even though its baby steps it was the step in the right direction after previous ly seeing no change. So you've definitely nailed it on the head, a good PMA is essential!

  • you are beautiful--MmeT

  • Lookin mitey fine

  • Fab post Crimson and you are so right, it is all about having a positive mental attitude throughout life😃

    OK we will all have life wobbles but it is about picking ourself back up and never losing sight of who we are and where we want to be xx


  • Hello,

    I think you look good - you've definitely got very good taste in clothes and classy accessories.

    And you're right - you are a successful person who happens to be 22stone 4lbs.

    Do you plan to drop some weight, though - or are just happy to stay just as you are?

  • I plan on becoming a healthier person. Because of how I've felt in the past about myself I never put myself firstor thought I was worth the work to become healthy. I want to lose around 10 stone, that or until I feel I've reached my healthy size. I'm at peace with myself but I still want to lose weight x

  • Best wishes Crimson - lovely post 😊

  • My journey starts today thanks for the inspiration x

  • Thanks for reading my post. You can do it x

  • Hi Crimson, I have been playing around with diets for a couple of years and at the beginning of everyone I thought some level of self disgust was necessary as motivation i.e. the more disgusted I am by myself the further I can go. This time around I do not want to follow that approach and your post is very inspirational. Is there anything in particular that helped you towards PMA

  • It was accepting that my body is wonderful despite the fact I have excess weight to lose. You have to find the beauty inside yourself. Only when you've truly made peace with your body and love it as it is, I feel you can then see this as a lifestyle. As nourishing your body and taking care of yourself properly. You need to be a little selfish. You need to put yourself first and look after your body and mind. Then everything falls into place and this journey is no longer a war with yourself but a slow stroll on the beach hand in hand with your true self heading into the sunset. Good luck. You deserve it x x x

  • Thank you for your thoughtful and sensitive reply! What a journey that must've been in itself! Well done with all my heart, you truly look great in your before pic.

    "Then everything falls into place and this journey is no longer a war with yourself but a slow stroll on the beach hand in hand with your true self heading into the sunset." A noble aim indeed this is what I am striving towards from here on in.

  • How did you make that mental shift crimson? I agree that self-compassion is the way forward but I can't bear my feelings sometimes and I hate myself so much.

  • I agree, a positive mental attitude makes it all possible.

    I can't seem to post my before and after pics but I've lost four stone, five pounds. Healthy eating is now the norm and exercise a daily activity. Never thought it wA possible a year ago but you have to be in the right place mentally, determined and focused.

  • Love you for this post Crimson85j - just got this link from re-reading the newbies welcome post from moreless and so glad I did.

    Beautifully written by a beautiful woman.

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