Hi all,

As some of you may know, I've been trying to get fit these past couple of weeks and joined a couple of classes at my local leisure centre.

I tried 'boxercise' last Thursday - challenging but loved it! I WILL be returning to that this Thursday! I went to 'boxfit' today and although I loved the class, as in the challenge and punching etc, I did not feel that 'thing' you feel when you know it's right for you.

Let me explain. There was only three of us there and the lady running the class was great, very motivating and likes to push you, all fine. The other two (a man and a woman) who attended the class were alright but not as friendly as the people in 'boxercise' and before we even started the class one of them were bad mouthing the class I attended on Thursday and I found that to be unprofessional (from the instructor's side of things as she was agreeing with this person) and not kind as it's still the same leisure centre. I did agree it was a little manic and he was difficult to understand sometimes but I thought Thursday's class was great otherwise.

Then we started the class, warm up fine, challenging but enjoying it. The instructor told me who to team up with, which I felt a bit like 'I'm not 5 years old' but I never said anything and just got on with it as there was only three of us. Anyway, this person I was teamed up with was criticizing me and to be honest it was not her place, the instructor corrected me when she felt I was doing something wrong and praised me when I got things right. I stated, not unkindly, to my team mate that could she please let me get on with it as I am at least doing it and it's my first class. Now, if this person, who'd been attending 'for years' as she put it, was very good it wouldn't of irked me so much but her stance and the way she was punching was all sloppy but I never said any of that to her, I encouraged her. Don't get me wrong, she was trying to be kind at times but it was all just very forced and it didn't sit comfortably with me.

Then there was the issue that she was getting increasingly touchy with me and asking me questions. I answered her, being polite, but trying to give off via body language that I'm not too comfortable with the touching, especially as I had only just met her. I get that some people are more touchy than others but I was sweating buckets, I knew I smelled and I just wanted to get on with the class. However, it was getting increasingly difficult to do that because I was thinking about how much I was not enjoying working with this individual and it took some of the enjoyment out of it for me.

We really were not communicating very well, she wasn't lowering her stance to the level of my hips for the kicks I was doing, like the instructor stated and as a result I was struggling so I asked her to lower it, making a joke that I'm only short but she discounted this by stating it doesn't matter and when I said I want to do it as the instructor stated she ignored me and carried on with how she was doing it before. Fast forward to me having to stance so she can do her kicks she quickly lost her patience, moving all over the place, confusing the hell out of me and scratching me as a result (what the hell, you're suppose to be KICKING, why did you scratch me!?) then she crossed the line when she physically got hold of me and tried to position me as though I was a doll. I had had ENOUGH at this point and snapped; 'STOP TOUCHING ME!' to which she stood back looking puzzled. I then felt guilty for snapping and just brushed it off as: 'Oh well you scratched me then you grabbed me and I have a thing with people getting into my space.' She responded 'Oh right' then told me she'd do the kicks without me and proceeded to kick thin-air. Leaving me standing there with nothing to do. The instructor asked me what happened and I just shook my head and the person I was 'teamed up' with laughed saying; 'She wasn't doing it right so then I assaulted her!' The instructor then told us to put our stuff away ready for the cool down, as we were nearing the end, and she tried again to quietly ask me what happened and I just said we couldn't communicate very well because I knew this girl was right by my shoulder, listening in.

After this, the person I was teamed up with suddenly started chatting away with the other person and acting as though nothing happened. I just wanted to leave but stuck it out as I knew we would finish up soon. Another thing that got me was that she was being cruel about the guy there, as she saw me watching him as I was unsure about what I was doing at times and she said; 'Don't watch him, he's a..' but I couldn't catch the exact wording but I got the message it wasn't very nice as she gave him a dirty look. However, at the end she went right up to him and chatted with him as though they were the best of pals! Before I left I thanked the instructor and the person I was teamed up with said to me really loudly: 'good-bye see you next week.'

I do not think so!

Now as you know, I try to be positive but I was left feeling so angry at the end of that class and not my usual self. I never want that to happen again. The thing is that class is too small for me to 'blend in' and try to get on with the class and I never want to team up with her again! I think I'll stick with Thursday's class and look at what other classes are going on but I need to be careful because she said she attends a couple of other classes there. I might just try to get more swimming in as I can pretend not to see her if she ever goes swimming when I do.

Sorry for the rant but my house-mate is not in and I needed to get that off my chest! I feel so bad for the instructor who did a perfect class and I hope she does not think it was her that put me off. However, I don't want to be in the same class, especially one that small, with the person I teamed up with today. I hope she doesn't turn up to my Thursday class but judging from how she was bad mouthing it I think I'm safe! PHEW!

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  • Wow that's a really bad experience! I think if you have the courage it would be worth making a formal complaint. The instructor must be fully aware of that girl's character, which is why she asked you what happened, but it should have been done in confidence and should also be followed up. It doesn't sound like that girl had anything personal against you, she's just an anti social character type. Bet she's put loads of people off and that's why there's so few people at that class. I don't think you should worry about bumping into her again, she would probably not remember who she's pissed off and who she hasn't. Just avoid her if you see her coming! On a separate but not unrelated note I used to go to a circuits class that had boxing as part of it, I loved it. Maybe circuit training would interest you anyway. But see if there's one at your centre, it might be a good complement to the boxercise :)

  • Circuits is one of the classes she goes to. :( I'm feeling a bit better now, I've had a rant to my house-mate, poor bloke haha! :P

    I think I shall try to say something because it is important to me that the instructor knows it was nothing to do with how she ran the class. Thank you. :)

    Sazkia x

  • I have just rang the centre up and asked if they could pass on my reasons for why I will not be returning to the class and that it has nothing to do with how the instructor ran the class. I do feel a little better for that, so thank you very much for that advice. It has worked in releasing some of the frustration I was feeling. :)

  • Great! And if you do see that girl again just absolutely ignore her. If you find yourself in the same class again, ask the instructor to speak to you outside the room so you can explain why you want her kept away from you, not paired up with you etc. I bet everyone working at the centre knows she's a problem, so you'd have absolute sympathy.

  • Well well what an eventful day already. I felt as though I was there so discriptive 😊it's a brilliant post. I could just imagine it. I am also a person that doesn't like to be touched 😕so fully appreciate what you have described.Taking liberties.

    Don't let anyone else put you off what you want to do. Don't let anyone dampen your experiance i admire your determination and confidence to see the class though until the bitter end. Sometimes you just have to say something. Well done.👍

    The positive out of this is you have achieved your work out which sounds intensive and was the aim contributing to you weightloss.😀and you don't let people stand in your way.

    Did you have your new bag with you? It's amazing what a new bag can do for your confidence!!!!

    Keep posting. ☺

  • haha thanks! :P No, I didn't have my new bag with me as I used it for swimming. I'm glad I didn't bring it because I didn't want to attract any more attention from her and my bag might have elicited that!! :/

    I did have a brilliant work out and I am proud I stuck with it. I had such hopes for the class after such a positive experience on Thursday. Oh well, I can't have it all, I guess!! :P

    Sazkia x

  • Sazkia

    You have more than she will probably have in her lifetime. You have surrounded yourself on this site with positve people who will give you support when it rains not just when the sun comes out.💌🌻🌈

    You was being to person you would have liked to have met.

    On this ocassion age is in my favour experince teaches us all You matter Sazkia Smile even if it's fake laugh even if it hurts and don't let anyone get to you - your good regardless of what anyone says..☺

    Keep posting x

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